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Answer Not seeing your picture has it's draw backs so I have to ask you why you want to change, aren't you acceptable the way you are?

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Boyfriend of 2 months dumped me because i refused to have physical relationship.i love him a lot he says he cant marry me but wants to have physical relationship with me to which i did not agree help?

It is your choice if you don't want to do it don't do it

What if your boyfriend cheated the first five months of the relationship?

If a partner is unfaithful in a relationship, it is best to exit the relationship. No one is worth tears. This goes to show how much the person disrespects you.

How can I get my boyfriend of one year and 6 months to get back with me?

A person can get their boyfriend back by apologizing for what they did to chase him off. This may also involve making a list of the benefits of the relationship.

You and your boyfriend moved in together very early in your relationship what are the chances this relationship will work?

I have a best friend who moved in with her boyfriend about ten months after they started dating and they're getting married next year. If you and he are a strong couple, there's no way to go but up.

Is two months to soon to tell your boyfriend you love them?

there is no schedule of when it is ok to say or feel something in a relationship. If you truly feel that you are in love with the other person in your relationship then feel free to tell them.

You and your boyfriend you just dating about 3 months know he want you to move in with him?

Don't do it. Wait and see how well the relationship goes for at least six to twelve months before making such decision.

Can a relationship survive with an alcoholic?

I have been with my boyfriend for 9 months and i know that that is not a long time but he is a severe alcoholic and honestly this has been the best 9 months of my life and unlike me i dont drink due to past yes i believe a relationship can survive with an alcoholic.

Can my boyfriend and i join our auto insurance policies if they're from the same company Geico?

Yes, as long as you have been in a committed relationship for at least 6 months.

You have just split with boyfriend after 15 months?

u can't. once ur in a relationship, there NO WAY out . good luck ur stuck w/ him forever

Will your boyfriend break up with you if your dad freaks out at him?

Your relationship won't last longer than a few months anyway, so it doesn't matter <3

What should you do if your boyfriend of 2 years 9 months wants a break because he said the next step is marriage and he's not ready for that yet?

been in a relationship for 2 years 9 months boyfriend wanted a break and we are. worried that we might not get back together. i do not want things to end!

If you met your boyfriend 3 months after he split up with his ex and its now been a year into the relationship and he's still friends with his ex is it a rebound relationship?

well if its been a year into your relationship then he must really see something in you.And 3 months after a relationship ends its not a rebound, if it was about a week or two then yeah.Another thing and if it was a rebound he would of ended up with his ex again

Where will you get a boyfriend if you are 10 years old?

Try not to be too serious with the relationship. Holding hands at most. Relationships around that age usually last 6 months at most.

What does it mean when you have a dream about your wedding day but you are not engaged to your boyfriend We have been dating for 2years and 6 months?

well, it means that you guys have a strong relationship but you will have a bump in the road its not serious.

I just broke up with my boyfriend of 8 months I love him but our relationship was really complicated did I make the right decision?

If you feel you made the right decision and the relationship was putting to much stress on you, then most likely you made the right decision.

Your boyfriend got a tattoo of your name after being together 4 months. Should that be taken as a complement or creepy?

it could be a complement but with it being only four months into the relationship i think later on he may regret it if it doesnt work out.

When was his last relationship?

his last relationship was 2 months ago

If you have not seen your boyfriend in two months dose that mean he is not you boyfriend anymore?

Have you talked to him at least?

What does it mean when your boyfriend of 11 months doesn't hold your hand and hug you like he used to?

It means the initial "Romance Peroid" is over, but that does not mean in any way that the relationship is in trouble.

You have been dating your boyfriend for about 2 months you are 15 and he is 17 and you really want to have sex with him should you?

No because it's to soon in the relationship and he almost a legal age while she is a minor

How does it take to get over a boyfriend?

Depending on how much you liked him it can take months. The best way to get over him is find somebody else. Once you start a new relationship you will easily forget him.

I dreamed that I was having tea with my boyfriend on a cloud and we were in bathing suits and I was 9 months pregnant what does that mean?

Im a male so I'm not sure but I think you want to get closer in your relationship

How long does a middle school relationship last?

Well Actually If You Find The Right Guy Like I Have , You Can Last A While . Like For Example , Im In Middle School & My Relationship Has Been 7 Months . And Also My Friend Has Been With Her Boyfriend For 5 Months . So It Really Just Depends On THeir Feelings Twards You ANd Vise Versa . ( :

Your parents dont know about your relationship of two months with your boyfriend they think you are just friends what should you do?

If you want to tell them, sit them down, and talk to them. Do it in a calm and non-awkward way, and be mature about it.

6 months ago i fractured both bones in my forearm. I still cannot rotate supinate my forearm more than 15-20 degrees. I had 3 months of physical therapy and still cannot rotate. What should i do?

Continue your physical therapy, b'coz only that will help you to improve..

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