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How can you improve your relationship with your girlfriend's mother?

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Depending on the issue ones girlfriends mother may have with a young man most definitly will determine what a young man can do to improve the relationship or not. Need more information perhaps in the disscusion fourum.

AnswerBe respectable. Learn some skills that help you appear to be more than an over-sexed moron. It doesn't really matter what you're really like. You could be some kind of brain surgeon and own a small South American country but if you don't APPEAR respectable and aren't convincing in that roll, nobody will believe you and nobody will want to be around you. Maybe you should take a look at the people the mother considers friends. What do THEY look like? How do THEY dress? How do they talk? If they're middle class, maybe you could try to figure out what that means.

We make a statement about ourselves in everything that we say and do. If you're dressed like a looser, with long, greasy hair and your speech patterns resemble the grunts of a chimpanzee, you won't be impressing anyone. Not to say that any of the above conditions are present in YOUR style, but you already know of a few things that you could improve, don't you. That's a statement, not a question.

AnswerA good way would be to see what does she do for her daughter that will take too much out of her time.( Example: pick her up from the bus station, drop her off at the mall or pick her up, stuff like that). if that's the case, do it for her without asking. do things for the mother that normally she will do for her daughter. this will give her more time for herself, that ofcourse she will like and she will like you more.
2011-09-13 05:06:59
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Q: How can you improve your relationship with your girlfriend's mother?
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