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  • use your belly for managing air
  • sing from the stomach
  • warm up before singing drink lemon mixed with honey
  • open your mouthh when singing
  • sing in your natural voice dont try to mimic anyone ! :)

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Vocal warm up's. The best way to improve your singing voice is vocal warm up's before singing.

Singing lessons are lessons that help you to fine tune your singing skills and improve on your voice.

If your voice is in need of a change of such dimensions, I suggest nothing short of a proper singing teacher!ÁgrafosThere is no 'good' or 'bad' singing voice.It's just do you know how to sing properly?If your asking this; probably not. Get a teacher to coach you on how.

yes only if its pure sugar like a lollypop but if you have natural sugar like a apple it well improve your singing voice

Eating ginger helps keep your voice while singing because it is good for soothing sore throats and such. However, eating ginger does not make your voice any better for singing. The only other way to improve something, including singing, is good old practice.

There are no specific foods that will improve or are good for your singing voice, however if you have been sick recently or your voice is cracking drinking tea and gurgling salt water will help immensely!

If people have a dream of singing they go to singing lessons to improve their voice and their technique! They might have a good voice but, in order to fulfill their dream of singing, they need to be able to use proper techniques such as breathing, posture, and forming the sounds.

While most of the time singing is a natural talent, there are ways of improving your singing voice. There are voice coaches who can provide you with advice and exercises to help improve the sound of your singing.

PRACTICE....PRACTICE.......PRACTICE.....also it is great to challenge your voice and to improve your vocal range

cardamom and ginger in hot black tea

Totally! I mean Allison Stoner couldn't sing and now she's on iTunes! If you want to try to improve your singing voice by yourself try finding a simple song and practice singing to it. I recommend starting with Naturally by Selena Gomez and after that try Our Song by Taylor Swift.

everyone has a singing voice

the lowest male singing voice is a Bass the lowest female singing voice is a Contralto

The truth is that everyone is born with a singing voice but you may not feel like you have a singing voice if you think you are bad. To learn singing you must find a voice teacher to help you. They are great because they can hear what you need to improve on. If you get a voice teacher you will be able to find your "true" singing voice. Your true singing voice is the voice that is easy to find with a voice teacher. Once you find your "true" singing voice high notes will come naturally. You will also feel like singing high notes require less effort (they actually do) and you are supppossed to use less air to sing them. Hope this helps you out, have fun learning to improve and find your "true" singing voice with a voice teacher. You can look in the phone book under the yellow pages for voice teachers and if it is not there ask your friends. I secretly asked one of my friends how they are very good at singing and that person told me that they have a voice teacher. It is true that you may not think a voice teacher is necessary but a lot of people you know now probably have one and they just don't tell everyone. Just to let you know I have a voice teacher and she sure helps me a lot. Not to be rude but it is best to have a voice teacher that is the same sex as you because if you are a female they can help you sing high notes and if you are male they can help you out on those lower notes.

Singing lessons help you form a good healthy singing voice.

a bass is the lowest male singing voice.

The lowest singing voice is the male voice called bass.

Singers change their singing voice because they want to sound better. Some singers edit their voice while others find ways to improve their singing voices. An example of this is a true example I experienced: my cousin played a CD she made of herself singing in gr.8 and it sounded pretty good and when I asked her to sing the same song for me now that she is in gr.12 she sounded fanomenal, I could not even believe how much her voice had changed! She sounded better than singers like Taylor Swift and Shania Twain. This had showed me that you can not always make assumptions that the singer edited their voice because there are many ways to improve your singing voice.

I got this from Harry styles, a true singing masterpiece!! And he has a YouTube video called Harry styles singing on his back. And he uses it to sing better! Interesting....

It is the highest female·pran·o[ sə pránnō ]woman or boy with highest voice: a woman, girl, or boy with the highest register of singing voicehighest singing voice: the highest register of singing voice a woman, girl, or boy can havesinging part for soprano voice: a singing part written for somebody with the highest register of voice

Liz Calloway provided the singing voice for adult Anastasia, and Lacey Chabert was the singing voice of young Anastasia.

Depends on what kind of singing. Singing like choir stuff keeps your voice fine, but singing a ton of hard core rock and crap ruins your voice.

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