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Q: How can you increase facial hair growth?
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Related questions

Does high testosterone levels increase facial hair growth?

goat blood and horse radish are known to increase facial hair growth

How can you increase your facial hair growth?

Shaving makes your facial hair grow longer and thicker.

What minerals increase the growth of facial hair?


Is there is any medicine for facial hair growth?

No, there is not any medication to cause facial hair growth.

Can drinking beer increase facial hair?

Drinking beer does not increase facial hair.

How do you you know if your hitting puberty?

the main signs are increase in testis size. There is growth of pubic hair and facial hair and armpit hair.

What part of your body growth during puberty?

There is an overall growth of the body .There is growth of facial, underarm and pubic hair. Increase in weight and height.

How gents will come to know about their puberty?

There is increase in size of the testis. Also there is increase in the penile size. Growth of facial hair.

Can a woman grow facial hair herself?

yeah sure if you want !! However, women's hormones affects the growth of facial hair (e.g. progesterone slower the growth facial hair growth), so normally you wont get the same thick facial hair that men have

Which gender experiences greater facial hair growth?

Males experience greater facial hair growth. It usually starts around age 14 during the onset of puberty. Facial hair growth is accompanied by a lowered voice and pubic hair.

How can you grow facial hair quick?

i heard that coconut oil or creme is good, also excersise because that releases testosterone into the body which may increase the speed in the growth of facial hair.

Does olive oil help facial hair get darker if you rub olive oil all over your face?

No it doesn't but it will stimulate your hair follicles because it Is made to make your hair grow. But it will increase the growth rate of your facial hair because your rubbing your face which is increasing the blood cirrulation in the hair follicles and stimulating the hairs resulting in increased growth rate of your facial hair.

Can I grow facial hair fast?

No, short of taking hormones with nasty side effects, there is no way to increase the rate of hair growth, aside from the brief increase that is caused by shaving.

Does lithium cause facial hair growth?

IIt definitely makes my facial hair grow more

Does garlic help facial hair growth?


Does coitus stimulate facial hair growth?


What causes female facial hair growth?


Does testosterone cause facial hair growth?


How do you Slow Facial Hair Growth in men?


How do you use olive oil on face to improve facial hair growth?

you don't it doesn't affect hair growth

How can a child who has reached the onset of puberty be distinguished?

In boys, there is some growth of facial hair. Also in girls and boys, there is quick increase in height.

Does biotin help in facial hair growth?

There are a number of scientific studies which show that biotin helps facial hair growth. The effects will vary greatly based on the individual and their body chemistry.

How may the body of a boy or the girl change from the beginning to the end of puberty?

There is overall increase in the height and weight of the body. There is growth of facial, underarm and pubic hair. Increase in the size of gonads.

How do you increase facial hair by using creams or other products?

You can't increase facial hair, strictly speaking. What hair folicles you have, you have; you can't rearrange DNA. You can try to thicken the hair using creams and the like, but they probably won't do all that much. Some people have a lot of facial hair, some don't.

How do you speed up your facial hair growth?

Honestly, no way.

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