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How can you induce a miscarriage?

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DON'T TRY!!! You may lose your life in the process. There are a lot of people out there who want to help you and your baby so please do a search or check the phone book in your area. Whatever the reason for not wanting this baby, it can be overcome.

Induced miscarriage aka abortion is something you have to go to the doctor for. It's unsafe and illegal to attempt without medical supervision. Up to the 9th week you can have a medical abortion and after that a surgical.

2010-04-26 23:34:52
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Q: How can you induce a miscarriage?
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What do you have to do to have a miscarriage?

You should never induce a miscarriage.

How do you make a miscarriage?

You should never induce a miscarriage.

How do you use ginger and cinnamon to induce miscarriage?

You can not.

Can LSD cause a miscarriage?

Yes. LSD is known to cause uterus contractions, which can induce a miscarriage.

Can you self induce a miscarriage at week 15?

i hope not

Can cortal and coke mixed with together can cause miscarriage?

No, Aspirin (Cortal) and Coca-Cola can not induce a miscarriage.

Is mutton marrow soup bad for a pregnant woman?

It can induce a miscarriage.

Can epsom salts induce miscarriage?

Epsom salts cannot induce miscarriage when taken according to the specified dosage. Also, it is always best for a pregnant woman to consult a doctor before using anything they are uncomfortable with.

How do you miscarry the one month pregnancy?

To abort you have to see a doctor to induce the miscarriage.

Can parsley induce a miscarriage?

You can gladly eat parsley and not worry about it. It's safe.

How do you have a intentional miscarriage?

If you talk about abortion you have to go to a clinic. There is no way to induce a miscarriage yourself. See related link below for more info.

What happens when you have a miscarriage at 40 weeks?

At 40 weeks it's not called a miscarriage but stillborn. You will have to give birth as if the baby was alive. They will induce the labor.

How can you miscarriage by your self?

To induce a miscarriage is an abortion and you have to see a doctor for that. Anything else can seriously hurt you and is illegal. Contact NARAL or Planned Parenthood and they can help you.

What will cause a planned misscariage?

A "planned miscarriage" is an abortion. If you do not want to continue with the pregnancy you should see your doctor and discuss your options. There is no safe way to induce a miscarriage.

What can you use to induce a miscarriage?

Up to the 9th week you can have a medical abortion and after that a surgical. You get the meds at the clinic.

Can you induce a miscarriage?

Yes.Yes, a induced miscarriage is aka abortion. You can do it by pills up to the 9th week and by surgery up to week 20 in the USA. You have to see a doctor for abortion.

How much vitamin c can you take to induce a miscarriage?

Vitamin C can not make you abort or miscarry. It's a myth.

What is the name of miscarriage medicine?

If you want to induce a miscarriage, have one on purpose, that is called an abortion. You have to see a doctor for that. if you live in a place without a safe abortion provider you can go to womenonweb and talk to a doctor there.

What does a miscarriage look like at 6 months?

At 6 months it's not a miscarriage but stillbirth. Often the baby does not come out but they don't detect a heartbeat at the clinic so they have to induce labor because he is dead.

Is vitamin c safe to induce menstraution after a miscarriage?

No that doesn't work. Go see you doctor if it doesn't come back.

Can drinking 5 hour energy shots cause a miscarriage?

No but the caffeine is not good for you or the fetus. You can actually induce a heart attack for yourself.

What is the quickest way to have a miscarriage locally?

It seems to me that you are asking on how to have an abortion. A miscarriage is not something you induce unless you say induced miscarriage aka abortion. If you make it happen it's an abortion. You have to see a doctor for doing that and locally would be your nearest clinic like Planned Parenthood for instance.

When is the best time to drink pennyroyal to induce miscarriage?

You should not drink pennyroyal to induce a miscarriage. Pennyroyal is basically poison if ingested orally. Instead, rub a few drops on your stomach every day and it should make you have contractions. This will make you have some heavy bleeding and stomach cramps. After a few days, the baby should be flushed out.

Can misoprostol end an incomplete miscarriage?

Yes. Sometimes the doctor can give you medication to induce cramps so the embryo comes out. It depends on how far along you are and if something has come out already or not. Always consult a doctor if you suspect a miscarriage.

Is it okay to insert ibuprofen near the cervix to induce miscarriage?

No. You can't just insert anything to have an abortion. Ibuprofen and other NSAIDs will not work to induce abortion. In the US, To have an abortion you need to get medications that are only available by prescription from a doctor.