How can you induce labor at 38 weeks?

Based on my research you can try a fast. No food, and even try to take very little liquid. This was based on the fact that in Israel, there is a religious holiday that requires fasting and the rates of baby delivery are much higher the next day compared to any other day of the year. You could also take black and blue cohosh, or manually open the cervix. You can find information on these techniques by searching the internet - these are the serious ways to bring it on. You could also ask your doctor for prosglandin (spelling?) which will thin the cervix. My doctor doesn't want to do it, but babies are full term at 38 weeks, so I don't see the problem. Why wait until you are uncomfortable and the baby is huge? They can gain that fat from nice healthy breast milk. I had my son at 36/37 weeks and the delivery was great and he was healthy. Good luck


I took long walks. There are wives' tales (hang curtains, scrub the floor, castor oil), but in general it is best to let nature take its course.