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I have accomplished this on my computer because I bought a second hard drive for the purpose of a backup along with additional space. However, the Maxtor hard drive that I bought had a floppy disk that came with it which had several functions ranging from hard drive setup to diagnostics to partitioning and image copy. The image copy feature is what allowed me to take a snapshot of my primary drive and format and copy it to my secondary drive, overwritng any existing files you may I had on it. You do, however, need to be aware that software and system conflicts can arise by running two sets of Windows XP on the same computer at the same time, albeit they're on two separate drives. That's why I prefer to do this ONLY to use the second drive as a backup, not as a supplement. If you need a second hard drive simply to supplement your primary drive for added disk space purposes, I wouldn't recommend putting the full operating system on it. Just leave it as is and use the free space as needed with your primary.

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Q: How can you install XP on two hard drives on one computer?
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Can you have 2 hard drives?

Yes, if you are speaking of the hard drives that you put into your computer. Your computer usually comes with one hard drive, but if you need another one, you can install another one you can buy at a computer store. Normally computers come with 2-3 extra hard drive slots in case you'd like to add more.

Can you install 6 drives in one computer system?

If the case has room to mount them - servers are a prime example of computer systems with multiple drives.

Do you have to install a disk when putting a hard drive into a computer?

No, not at all. Despite the hard drive being old school IDE or SATA, the computer will recognize it as a new storage deice. Note for the older IDE hard drives, if you desire to install more than one, you will have to use jumpers.

Can you use sata and ide hard drives in one computer?

Yes. If the computer has both SATA and IDE ports, you can install both types of drives. However, it is not recommended as neither the SATA nor IDE drives will transmit data at anywhere near their top efficiencies.

How does one build their own computer?

A person can build their own computer with plenty of planning and some basic tools. You should then install the motherboard, processor, CPU cooler, RAM, expansion cards, the hard drives, auxiliary drives and panel connectors.

Why can't replaced hard drive boot to winxp?

Did you install Windows XP to the hard drive? New hard drives do not come with an operating system; to boot from it, you have to install one on it.

I have two sata hard disk drives one with xp home edition and the other one has vista ultimate on can you run two hard drives on one machine?

Yes, you can. If your computer has more sata ports you can use then to connect more hard drives.

Can you install one ATA hard drive and one SATA hard drive in the same computer?


How do computer hard drives function?

One of the most necessary parts of a computer is the hard drive. Besides storing digital information, hard disk drives also contain all of a computer's operating data, including the operating system. In configurations with multiple hard drives, they are also useful in backing up data for archival purposes.

Which type of hard drive is most likely found in a notebook computer?

You will see a magnetic hard disk drive in an average laptop/notebook computer, however there are an increase in solid state drives included in newer laptops/notebook computers and there are manufacturers that manufacture solid state drives specifically for laptops that one can install as an upgrade.

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Inexpensive personal computer hard drives can be purchased at online computer sites that sell computer hardware. Best Buy, Amazon, Target, Office Depot, and Walmart also have cheap pc hard drives.

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