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You can insure the remaining undamaged area(s) of the vehicle by taking it to your agent and working an agreement as to what is covered for any future damages that may incur. The vehicles value will be arrived at for a price in case another accident renders it a total. You may have to do some shopping with Ins. Co to find one that will give you the coverage you may want or need.

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Q: How can you insure an already wrecked vehicle?
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What happens to a lease truck that has been wrecked?

The same as a purchased truck that has been wrecked. You will have been required to insure the vehicle. Contact the insurance company and file a claim. An adjustor will determine if the vehicle should be repaired or totaled.

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Can you insure a car that has insurance already?

No. By law only 1 policy is allowed per vehicle.

Can a person in the military who is not on overseas duty be sued for the repossession of a wrecked vehicle?

Did you have insurance when it was wrecked???

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Can insure a vehicle twice?

You cannot insure a vehicle twice. Each vehicle needs to be insured with only one company at a time for all drivers.

Can you insure a car on a fleet Insurance policy even though you don't own it?

No. You can't insure a vehicle that you do not own. You must have an insurable interest in a vehicle in order to insure it.

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Can you insure someone else financed car?

No. You can only insure a vehicle which is in YOUR name.

Do you have to insure a vehicle that is not in use?

To answer your question - no, you do not have to insure a vehicle that is not in use. So long as the vehicle is not being driven, it is not necessary to insure it. However, should the vehicle be stolen during the period in which the vehicle is not insured, then I do believe that is simply considered as a loss, and is not worthy or reimbursement. The other downside is also that if the vehicle remains in your ownership and uninsured for a certain amount of time, you may also be charged an additional fee to re-insure your vehicle again in the future. Bottom line - It is not necessary to insure a vehicle that is not in use, but be wary of any pontential future repurcussions. Hope this helps!

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HAs this vehicle been wrecked, what kind of titile does it have?

Is a co-signer on a new vehicle that is being financed able to insure and register that vehicle alone?

Insure?? yes, register? NOT unless your name is on the TITLE.

How do you get liblity insurance on a borrowed car that no insurance?

You have to own a vehicle to insure it then you have to register it as the registered owner. So if you are borrowing a vehicle either the owner has to insure it or you have to buy it from them

How do you get insurance if you don't have a vehicle?

There is no need for auto insurance if you don't have a vehicle. What would there be to insure ?

Can you own a vehicle but have someone else insure it?


How long do you have to insure a vehicle if you bought it?

Find out yourself!

How do you insure a vehicle against acts of war?

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Title is in your name can you insure vehicle and someone else register it in ny?

To give you a basic answer, the insurance company will only insure a vehicle if the listed owner is on the policy. Mark

What happens to your title loan if your vehicle is stolen and wrecked?

Since you have a loan you should be required by the lender to have full coverage insurance which will pay you the value of the vehicle. With out insurance you are still responsible for repaying the loan no matter what happens to your vehicle. It is not the lenders fault your car was stolen and wrecked...

Can your car be repossessed from the towing lot that towes your wrecked vehicle?

If there's a lienholder on that vehicle, yes, that lienholder can repossess it.

What happens if your minor child steals your vehicle wrecks it with no damage to anything but the vehicle and it isn't reported?

your car is wrecked and your kid is grounded.