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On fire? Passionate? But no sex? Sorry, does not compute. I'm not sure how, but it's definatley possible. My parents dated for a few years and then got married. =Answer= When you find out let me know! LOL There is no such beast! As we get further into our relationships we have to take on many more responsibilities and therefore we can't have the same magic in our sexual relationship as we did when we first went with out partner. When you get married both work to save for a house, then there are bills and more bills and the upkeep of that house and before you know it children start coming into the picture. Many couples work and raise their children and mom is usually off driving their children to doctor's appointments, etc., or to school and off to hockey, etc. Dad may have the time to see a few games his son or daughter may be playing in. Life gets pure hectic and at the end of the day both partners are simply "too pooped to pop!" You can have a good sex life if you are wise enough to know it can never be the same as when you first met, were younger and didn't have the responsibilities you have today. At this stage if the game fire and passion don't enter into it. Good sex is about exploring each other's bodies and needs and just loving each other even if it's on a more sedate level.

2006-08-17 21:51:47
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Q: How can you keep a relationship on fire and passionate without sex?
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