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Either keep the windows down, or carry a bunch of paper towels with you. Fix the heater.

The defrosters are run through the air conditioner so u have a lot dryer air when the defrosters r on.It is perfectly fine, in fact, sometimes cats even prefer coats! The warmth of it gives the cat heat, so it is comfortable going in and out. It's also fashionable, but just make sure it won't get caught on anything, such as a fence or cat-door. Also make sure that the coat doesn't bother him, if he itches it regularly, this might be a problem.

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Q: How can you keep fog off the side windows if your heater is working very poorly?
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Can a thermostat keep the heater from working in a 2001 vw passat?

Yes, A bad thermostat can keep the hot coolant from reaching the heater core... also, low coolant levels or a clogged heater core can make your heat stop working.

What will keep the heat in a 1991 Buick Skylark from working?

Probably a worn-out or clogged heater core.

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Sounds like your heater core may have a pinhole leak in it

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Your heater core is leaking in it's housing box and blowing moist air through the heater/defroster. Try bardall radiator stop leak. If no help, install new heater core. Chuck.

In your 1995 Buick LeSabre during the colder months the carpeting is soaked in certain spots you always remember to keep the windows closed you also have condensation which leads to fogged windows?

check the heater core. it may be leaking.

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