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How can you know for sure that he likes you?


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When he talks to you he will have a smile so big that its a no brainer that he loves you. He will offer to give you rides home, and when he does he will open the car door for you, and shut it behind. He'll let ou pick the radio station, if he loves you he wont turn on the radio because he wants to listen to you. When you two get to your house he will hop out and open the door for you, and walk with you to your front door, If he loves you he will give you kiss on the forehead. Also he will pick you to be on his team over all his friends. He will on purpose be at the end of the hall that you have a class at, just so he can talk to you. He wil want to buy you things (let him, because it makes us fell good inside). He will spend endless hours on the phone with you,even if your not talking. He will send you letters, flowers, cards, e-mails, text messags, ect. He will want to spend time with you. He'll call you up at 12:00 am n your birthday, to wish you a happy birthday. He will hug and kiss you in front of his best friends, and in front of other girls that likes him. Instead of going to lunch with the guys, he will ditch them just so he can take you. He will treat you with respect. He will never use, or abuse you. He will sing you a song, dance with you when there is no music, kiss you in the rain. Hold your hand in the store, at school, the park, ect. He will treat your family with respect, and honer your parents. This is how you know he likes/loves you. (Wrote by a guy)