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I felt in love with a guy from college, so I desided to tell him all the truth. After i told him, he said he felt the same way for me and he kissed me. A week later I invited him to my house so he could meet my parents and he said he didn't wanted to go. He told me he didn't wanted something serious with me, but that he still liked me. The only reason I envited him to my house was becasue he was the one that wanted to meet my parents. I think that guys are so hard to understand, but one thing i know is that when they start missing you, they'll come back. If you have a similar experience and you want to know if he feels something for you, the number one thing to do is to show him you can be happy and independent without him. When a guy feels like he isn't loved any more, he'll start wondernd "why?" Sooner or later he will realize what he's about to loose someone valuable. By the contrary, the more you show him you miss him, the more important he'll feel and will reject you even more. Believe me, in most cases it works, but if it doesnt... just try to understand that you weren't ment to be with him, and there are many other guys that can give you the love that you desire. GOOD LUCK and take CARE!!

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Q: How can you know if a guy changed his mind about having a relationship with you?
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