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Well the main sign to look out for is if you get your period. If you feel all these symptoms and your period doesn't come on it's due date, then you might want to get a test done. But the big part is the period. Unfortunately the symptoms of pregnancy and menstruation are the same....good luck!

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Q: How can you know if symptoms are due to pregnancy or menstruation?
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What are the differences in symptoms between menopause and a tubal pregnancy?

Menopause is cessation of menstruation as you grow old or due to hysterectomy. A tubal pregnancy is an ectopic pregnancy where in the inplantation takes place in the fallopian tube.

How do know if its symptoms of pregnancy im having or if its a symptom of stopping the Depo-Provera?

Take a pregnancy test. If it's positive, the symptoms are due to pregnancy. If not, you're not pregnant.

Is nipple pain due to pregnancy?

Nipple pain can be due to pregnancy, menstruation, ovulation, trauma, infection, or, rarely, cancer.

Does a very light period mean pregnancy?

Menstruation is not possible during pregnancy - however light bleeding may be misaken for menstruation when actually it could be implanatation bleeding or spotting due to hormonal changes. If you suspect pregnancy take a pregnancy test, this is the only way to know for sure.

If you have dizziness lightheadedness tired and slight slight nausea I am due for my period today or tomorrow actually could I be pregnant?

Wait until after your period is due bc its too early to tell since pregnancy symptoms and menstruation symptoms are very similar.

What is gynomin?

It's used for Amonhorrea, when your menstruation is gone but not due to pregnancy.

What is the percent probability to have menstruation during pregnancy?

No one actually has a menstruation during pregnancy or they would miscarry, you can sometimes 'spot' which is light bleeding due to the embryo implanting itself in your womb.

Can you have a period the first month of pregnancy?

No. A mild bleed in the first month of pregnancy is usually due to implantation, and can mimic menstruation.

Can you have pregnancy symptoms after a period and not be pregnant?

yes...well it wouldn't be symptoms of pregnancy, you cant be prgnant and have your period, the symptoms could just be due to stress an ilness or something like that

Acid reflux and pregnancy?

Pregnancy can increase the symptoms of reflux due to increased intra abdominal pressure

Can eating a lot be due to early pregnancy?

Yes, increased appetite is one of the many symptoms of pregnancy

Why your breast hurt before your menstruation?

It is common to have the tender breasts before the menstruation. This is due to effect of the progesterone hormone. The tenderness will go away and you expect the menstruation next day. The tenderness persists during the pregnancy.

If you went through a super plus tampon within a few hours can it still be pregnancy spotting?

No, spotting means light bleeding such as pink or brown discharge - heavy bleeding suggests menstruation, although it is possible to bleed during pregnancy if you are bleeding when menstruation was due then it is likely menstruation.

How soon do pregnancy symptoms such as bloating cramping headaches etc occur?

I would say around the time your period is due, pregnancy symptoms are similar to period symptoms, in the beginning. Hope this helps.

Can you find your pregnancy symptoms before your period?

You may think you are having early pregnancy symptoms but there is no way to verify before your period is due, do to insufficient hCG levels.

Your period is not due for another week and a half Can you still have pregnancy symptoms and a negative home pregnancy test?

Yes you definitely can!

Is it possible to have pregnancy signs and not be pregnant?

Yes. The symptoms can be due to normal illnesses or to hormone fluctuation.

Is it possible to be delayed in menstruation flow for 7 days?

Yes, it is possible. This could be due to stress, excessive physical activity, or the possibility of pregnancy.

Could the flu be a common sign of pregnancy?

Pregnant women can suffer from flu due to environment or weather etc. but usually it is not a part of pregnancy symptoms.

What does a high soft closed cervix mean I'm due for my period in 2 days but very nauseated some cramping. Is this normal for menstruation?

You could be pregnant , usually after Ovulation your cervix is low hard ,and closed, but with pregnancy it's high soft ,and closed, and your having some pregnancy symptoms too, after you miss your period I would take a pregnancy test. hope this helped

What is Premenstrual syndrome?

So many things come under this syndrome. The patient may have the mood fluctuations before the due period. If she happen to make erratic decisions, this is the time for the same. If she suicides, she is likely to do it before the periods. She will get some accumulation of fluid in the body cavity. This is due to decline of the female hormones.

Can you take a pregnancy test if your period is not due for 10 days but have symptoms?

yes. use an ept home test

Could you be pregnant if four days after your ovulation you started having cramps and fatigue and lots of milky discharge and sore nipples but your period is not due for about 5 days?

Pregnancy symptoms show up typically a week to two weeks after conception. Pregnancy symptoms can also be confused with typical PMS symptoms as well.You know your body better than anyone, so if you are still puzzled or worried, take a home pregnancy test and/or see the doctor.

When does the uterine lining begin to break down?

During Menstruation. The uterine lining sheds to prepare the uterus for pregnancy. It's due to the drop in estrogen and progesterone.

Is their any delay of menstruation due to intercourse?

Only if you get pregnant. If you get pregnant, your period just won't come (though you may bleed a little in the beginning of a pregnancy).