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How can you learn how to sew?

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Here are answers and opinions from FAQ Farmers: * Yes it is good to go to different websites but my opinion with starting is to go for hands on classes to learn the finer details which is very important. Your preparation with anything is the good end result of your final product. * After a couple of classes when you feel comfortable with the basics of sewing you can use web links for more advance projects and it will only then make more sense to you. * You must first understand what is a flat seems, open seems, top stitching, sewing corners, buttonholes etc. There are a lot of different things which is basic but very important to know, otherwise you'll get frustrated and despondent and stop sewing. *


I learned sewing from my mom and going out in the world and learning it my heart let nature glide you along.

2009-01-23 13:44:23
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Q: How can you learn how to sew?
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How can you learn to sew?

To find out how e-mail and learn how to sew awsome cloths

How did Betsy Ross learn to sew?

your mother

How can you use a sentence with sew?

Molly took Home Economics in school to learn how to sew her own clothes.

When did Betsy Ross learn how to sew?

Betsy Ross learned how to sew when she was a girl not an adult. Her Aunt Sarah taught her very well.

How do you know where to sew the badges on a brownie vest?

There are a number of ways to learn where to sew badges on a Brownie vest. You could ask the scout leader for example.

How can you sew with a girl?

Learn to sew and then ask a girl if you can sew together...

What did the kids learn at Jesus's Time?

It depends on what gender you are if you are a boy you would learn how to make money and how to provide for you future wife. If you were a girl you would learn how to clean, cook, sew ect.

Why do you have to know how to sew?

In the past, people needed to be able to sew in order to make clothing, blankets, and other supplies. Now that there are machines that do much of this work, you don't have to learn to sew at all. However, it can help you appreciate your sewn items and it can be enjoyable to make projects that are personalized to what you like.

When was Sew Fast Sew Easy created?

Sew Fast Sew Easy was created in 1991.

What did Aztec boys learn?

the Aztec boys just learned what their father did while girls learned to cook and sew

What is pluarl for sew?

The word "sew" is a verb, not a noun. There is no plural for sew.

What is the homonym of sew?

The homonym of sew is so.

What rhymes with sew?

mew fewsew...

Is sew a verb?

Yes sew is a verb.

What is the plural forms of to Sew?

The term to sew is a verb; verbs have no plural forms.Verb forms are sew, sews, sewing, sewed, and sewn.

What were Aztec school like?

Everyone had to go to school. Their were no recess. Girls will learn how to weave, sew, and take care of kids. Boys will learn law and how to be men. They will also learn building. Slaves, boys, and girls went to school.

What was the role of children in Ancient Athens?

Children were to learn and respect the adults around them. Boys would learn about government and strategies for battle while the girls would stay home and learn how to sew or do other forms of domesticated arts.

How do you sew in a hair weave with a bang and a natural part and how do you close in the top without a hump?

i dont know all of it but my sis says if u r just starting 2 learn how 2 sew, braid ur hair in a circle i dont know the rest i dont know all of it but my sis says if u r just starting 2 learn how 2 sew, braid ur hair in a circle i dont know the rest

Do all kids learn?

Yes. In some countries, kids don't go to school that much, but even so, they still learn new things. For example, one day they may learn what their mom's favorite color is, and the next day they may learn how to sew.

How do people sew and cut Asian clothes?

if u would like to learn there are many step by step simple youtube tutorials on this...

How hard is it to learn to sew?

Not really, it just takes practice. You should start by sewing holes in clothes, then moving to bigger projects.

What is a sentence with the word sew?

Below are some sample sentences with the word sew.I want to sew a new pillowcase.Sally bought a new machine to help her sew quilts.This pillow was sewn by hand.

How much hair do I need to do a full sew in?

The most common question you will hear from women who want to have sew in hair extensions installed is, how much hair do you need to have a full sew in weave? Women have 99 problems, and you would not want hair to be one of them. That is why you need to know the right amount of hair to get if you're going to have a full sew-in.The amount of hair you buy can either make or break your sew-in extensions. In this guide, we will learn about the amount of hair you need and factors you need to consider before buying hair extensions.

How do you create a braidless sew in?

how do i create a braidless sew-in?

Is this how you spell sew?

Yes, as in to sew material or buttons.