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One good way is to go to the local library or book store and get an exam preparation manual for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) and take some of the sample exams. These exams are intended to provide an accurate measure of the likelihood that a law school candidate will be able to complete the studies and successfully enter the practice of law. Most people do not realize that these exams test aptitude, not knowledge. You do not need prior legal training or law courses to take the exam.

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Who inspired you to be a lawyer?

My school teachers, from the 4th grade on up inspired me to be a lawyer. Also my parents inspired me to be a lawyer. If you take a Career Discovery class you will learn all about being a lawyer and many other careers.

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Why you wanted to become a lawyer?

i want to became a lawyer not because my parents told me so but to earn respect from my family. i like to debate, answer questions and my favourite colledge is Harvard any becoming a lawyer maybe boring but you may learn lots of things from your cases like matlock i love that show and detective shows i enjoy them so much. its your choice.

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Do you need to go to law school to become a lawyer?

In most western countries, yes, a law degree is one requirement to becoming a lawyer. In less developed areas and some US states, lawyers are often taught by an experienced lawyer or judge - similiarly to an apprenticeship - or learn the law themselves informally, and ust then pass an examination (the bar exam) to gain the right to be a practising lawyer.

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What career uses coordinate system?

it is when you go to a career and you learn about cordinate planes

How much do you have to learn to become a lawyer?

Evidently, not too much.

How did Abraham Lincoln learn to be a lawyer?

He went though school.

If you don't know how to swim can you consider marine biology for a career choice?

you don't have to learn to swim because its either you can self study or not worry because you have flippers and its not actually swimming its diving

What nursing programs are there online?

This online nursing school and education question and answer session will help you learn about online nursing degrees and whether they're the right nursing career education choice for you.

What should one learn first before becoming a lead guitarist?

Learn to be a guitarist.

how you improve your career with you existing job?

Learn new thing

Is twenty-two honestly too late to BEGIN college and pursue a nursing career?

You are never too old to learn. And there is such a shortage of nurses, that you will have an unending choice of jobs, too. Go for it!

What is the probability of becoming a musician?

That depends on alot of things... first of all, if you play any instrument, that narrows the odds down alot. Becoming a musician is ultimately the process of any other career, you work with your tools ( instrument) and essentially learn what's needed to become successful. If you intend of writing music, you'll need to learn that. Anyone can be a musician, not everyone will be a FAMOUS musician.

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Things you willing to learn every day its a progress for you for a new career. You learn and develop your self and that's the way you progress.

Why did Gandhi come to London to study for?

he came to London to learn how to be a lawyer

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