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keep trying

you practice on trampolines with the harnesses on

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How do you find out What is going on in toane's gym in sims bustin out?

Go there are do three "triple back flips" in a row perfectly, on the diving board.

Can Michael Jackson do a flip?

Yes, he has jumped off a diving board but doing a back flip!

What is the world record for most consecutive flips on a trampoline?

100 front flips to back flips in a row

How do you tre flip like a pro?

Catch it with your back foot hanging really far back behind the board and catch it bolts with your front foot. You have to have your 3 flips down and bolts to get these... I'm pretty sure Billy Marks has amazing 3 flips

Which Manchester united star is famous for his back-flips?

Lewis nani

What is gymnastics?

Gymnastics is a unique, vigorous sport that requires no ball for success. You learn the following in gymnastics: back flips back handsprings front flips front handsprings tuck jumps do push-ups and sit-ups the right way the banana a basket

Your sim is swimming in the ground what do you do?

Try making your sim go on the diving board. When they are walking on the diving board pause the game and put m"moveObjects on" in the cheat box. Move your sim into your house. You sim will somehow fly back over to the pool. So make them go off the diving board again, but this time you go to the later and tell them to get out. If not email

Can whales do back flips?

no they cant

What happens when your hermit crab flips over on it's shell?

it flips back over...... lol

What does ollying mean?

An ollie is a basic jump, the basis for most flips or pops. Its where the skater pops down on the tail with there back foot. As the front of the board pops up, the skate moves their foot up the deck, and rises their back foot. So that the board levels out in the air. The legs then push the board back to the ground. Youtube it.

Can ducks do back flips?

Yes, only if you train the duck because naturally ducks do not need to do back flips in their normal way of living

What does flight mean in gymnastics?

Flight is the flips gymnasts do on the balance beam. The flips could be any thing from a cartwheel to a back handspring, back flip, back flip.

Why is ozzie smith famous?

for his back flips

Why does your pet mouse do back flips?

The back flips that your pet mouse may perform are a type of stereotypic behaviour (abnormal behaviour) and is caused by stress.

Where can you find parts for a aqua slide n dive diving board specifically the 4-5 inch bolts that go through the back of the board into the spring base. I think they are half inch bolts?

We found the bolts in the local Home Depot. But, we need to replace our Aquaslide N Dive diving board. Does anyone know where we can find a replacement board?

What are some gymnastics flips?

Some gymnastics flips include.... Front tucks, front layouts, twists , fills, back layouts. Back tucks, etc.

What is level 3 in gymnastics?

Level 3 in the USA is usually for the age group from 6-8 where you learn forward and back walkovers, back-hand springs, and maybe front tuck flips on trampoline.

What is the world record for continues back flips?


Who loves to do back flips in mindless behavior?


Can kendall schmidt do back flips?

No but he can do a front flip

What cool tricks can you do on a trampoline?

Back flips,front flips,splits,and lots can even make your own up

How do heelflip on a Tech Deck?

first, your finger positioning. your front finger goes all the way over the board hanging off slightly. your back finger goes in the dip on the back on the side towards you. you pow and it naturally flips that way. but if it dosent you might want to flick you fingers away from you so it flips more. hope i helped!!!

Can dolphins do back flips?

yes dolphins could do backflips

What tricks can you do on a jet ski?

You can do back flips, front flips, and dives. However, if you need expert tricks, try finding an organization to help you.

How many back flips can one do before getting killed?

Back flips are not lethal in themselves, although if you do too many of them, the high impact could eventually contribute to degenerative joint disease. Too much athleticism does take its toll on the body. Professional athletes often discover this, but usually not because of back flips.