How can you learn to play the piano in a week?

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2010-07-06 21:09:12


It would be almost impossible to do, but you could hire an

extremely good piano teacher and tell him/her your goal. If you put

a lot of time into your piano each day, you could know a song or

two by the end of the week!

you could also have a family member it would be like impossible

because for how long it would take

Answer: Well i have been playing the piano for almost 2 years

now. I am 12 years old now and am quite good at it if i may say so.

It would not only be almost impossible as your hired piano teacher

would tell you but it would also be extremely difficult and tiring

if you put in all the work you would need to to get anywhere near

close enough to play a good song. You also need to know all the

dynamics to play well which means exams and extra learning! Good

Luck on that mate!

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