How can you learn to speak japanese?

Rocket Japanese and Rosetta Stone Japanese winning software courses are highly popular and have been used with success by hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. Even shools and homeschools make use of the programs.


then there are other ways like watching TV or have a friend teach you.

I got a program, it is very easy to use but it was a bit exprensive. The program's name is Rosetta Stone. Try JapanesePod101 . There, you can download a free new lesson every day. I've been learning for 2 years and now I can follow a basic conversation. Rosetta Stone is committed to helping beginners learn the language of their choice, including Japanese.

  • Learn to speak it
  • Japanese dictonary
  • language lessons


Youtube to learn the basics. "How are you?" you say "genki desu ka?" ka making it a question

"konnichiwa" everyone knows that means hello/hi.

By learning it, using speed learning, or even just living in that country for a long period of time can help you speak that language.