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by putting ur tongue on the pussy and liccking it until she cums

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โˆ™ 2012-02-12 14:34:11
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Q: How can you lick a vagina?
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How a boy can lick a vagina?

You use your tongue to lick her vagina.

Is it ok for your to lick your vagina?

Not sure if the actual question is "Is it okay for your boyfriend to lick your vagina" or "Is it okay for you to lick your own vagina". Either way, yes it is...unless of course you have an STD, then he shouldn't do it. If you can lick your own...YOU ARE THE SH*T!

Why do dogs lick vagina's?

Um, because dogs don't use toilet paper. It is for cleaning purposes if they lick a human vagina, that is different. Why do they lick human vaginas??

Can you lick vagina of your whife?

Yes, you can.

What can go in your vagina?

have a girl lick it

Is it nice to lick vagina?

Yes it is.

Can a human lick a dog vagina?

No; you can not do this.

Is vaginal fluid is harmful to lick?

Not at all! The fluids in the vagina (birth canal) are meant to keep the mucous lining of the vagina soft and supple, as well as to protect the vagina from infection. It is more likely that your lick will harm the vagina.

How do you perform cunillingus?

lick her vagina that's it

What should you do for the swellin of your dog vagina?

lick it

What will you get if you lick vagina?

Hopefully, a big thank you.

Why men worship shaved vaginas?

Men worship shaved vaginas because when they have sex the men has to lick the womens vagina and they dont want to lick vagina hair

Can a dog lick a female humans vagina?

Technically yes a dog can lick a womans vagina. Some woman actually have there dog do it on a regular occasion. Some even have sex with there dogs. But this is illegal. So if your thinking about doing it. Do a little more research.

What does lick you out mean?

it means someone licked your vagina

How can you get him to Lick your vagina?

Don't make him if he doesn't want to. Encourage him by making sure it is clean, dry and smelling good. Nobody will like a smelly vagina to suck or lick.

How do you lick the vagina of a woman?

Well, you gently caress, tease the clit, then lick it violently, then tenderly, then violently and so on

Where do boys like to lick on girl's body?

The vast majority of boys would like to lick the girl's vagina while others like to lick their breasts.

Why jumbo king doesn't have branch in the Philippines?

lick my vagina

Is it a good idea to lick a vagina?

Yes it is good if you and her get pleasure from it.

Why does your dog lick your vagina?

Dogs like the taste/smell.

What do girlfriends like sexually?

When you touch their vagina and boobs. if shes not naked, stick your hand down her pants and touch it. if she is, then open it and look inside and lick her nipples while your fingers are in the vagina, lick her vagina and tell her she smells great, she'll love ya!

What does muschi mean in German?

It is a crude word for the vagina. An example is 'ich lecken eine muschi' meaning "I lick vagina."

Will you get sperm in your mouth if you lick a vagina?

only if the man has ejaculated on or it the pussy

How do girls get orgasmism on their own?

they stick theyre hand up theyre vagina and then they are very flexible so they lick theyre vagina! (:

How do you eat a gurl out?

You lick inside her vagina, like fingering her but using your tongue.