How can you locate a cellphone?

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You can track a cell phone with GPS.hese devices evolved in compliance with new FCC requirements after the events of 9/11. GPS-enabled phones have been a norm in cellular technology since 2005.

Step 1.

Start with a GPS-enabled phone. These specifically have GPS capabilities and run the Java program that is needed for tracking. Though most cell phones are equipped with the GPS chip, they aren't easily accessible by the consumer. Nextel/Sprint phones such as Boost Mobile are especially designed for GPS tracking by the consumer.

Step 2

Register on a site that offers the free program you need to activate and run on the phone platform. Check out Mologogo's home page for easy access to these free programs. Go to the main page, and click "Sign up now." Type a user name, first and last name and your email address and create your password in the provided cells. On the next page, click the agreement box and choose a download that corresponds to the kind of phone you're using, such as a candy bar phone or clam shell phone.

Step 3

Save the download to your computer and next download the provided installation software. Connect your computer and phone with the cable, which starts the uploading process of the appropriate software to the phone.

Step 4

Navigate to the phone's "Menu" section to install uploaded. Choose "Mologogo" and click "OK." It then displays the memory finding satellites that correspond to the phone. Choose "Preferences" and enter your login name and password. A map appears showing the coordinates of the phone and length of time in that location.

Step 5

Access this information online miles away from the phone. By using the Mologogo homepage, you can view the phone location and time of last 100 points of destination via Google maps. Test this system by giving the phone to someone, logging on and viewing their destinations.

Tips & Warnings

Avoid the hassle of downloading and programming your phone. The Mologogo website offers a starter kit, which includes a tracking application pre-loaded cell phone.

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Q: How can you locate a cellphone?
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