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Whichever company wrote the policy should have a copy of it.

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Q: How can you locate a life insurance policy that was bought about eight years ago?
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What kind of insurance policy can you get to cover your one eight interest in a home you do not live in?

The type of Insurance Policy you need is dependent on the use of the property. Whether it is residential or commercial all the joint owners should be listed on the insurance Policy as holders of interest in the property. This is the proper way and the most cost effective way to cover each of the joint owners shared interests in the property on one policy. The type of policy will usually be a "Dwelling Policy".

How can ING assurance products be bought?

This is an insurance policy. Most policies are paid by check, money order, or credit card. The way of originally purchasing it, is to call the eight hundred number, get a quote, decide if it is what you are looking for, and figure out a financial plan for paying for it.

Who is a good insurance company for a first time policy buyer in Georgia?

Allstate Insurance Company offers automobile insurance to uninsured as well as insured customers. You can call their eight hundred number or check out their website at

How does one get CA gap car insurance?

Although it is not mandatory, you should ask your lender about their policy for getting gap insurance. You can get it if the car you are buying is less than eight years old.

If you were in an accident at eight and bought insurance at eleven are you still covered?

Not really. There is something called a "binder", where you are covered with a phone call. But if you are in an accident, you really can't buy insurance three hours later and expect them to pay the damages.

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The average cost for Admiral Car Insurance is around eight hundred and forty three pounds in the United Kingdom as of the year 2010. This is the price after the annual policy rates increased.

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While in 7-11 a car ran into my car I got the insurance information can insurance company deny payment for their at fault customer because they cannot get in touch with them?

Eight ways to obtain the best car insurance:1. Go for a low band ride2. Grab additional qualifications3. Insure a second driver on your policy4. Up your voluntary excess5. Go for a 'no frills' policy6. Build up your no claims discount7. Soup-up your car...8. Think about how you'll pay

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Many people has disabled drivers what are some of the car insurance companies available?

Yes Allstate Insurance company does offer insurance for disabled drivers in Florida. You can call their eight hundred number or check out their website at

How much does it cost for liability insurance in Florida?

Allstate Insurance Company offers insurance to uninsured as well as insured customers. They offer all kinds of insurance for up to 6 months and beyond, if needed. You can call their eight hundred number or check out their website at and talk with an agent.

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How can you purchase Life Insurance?

The most convenient way to purchase life insurance is online. Calculate your premium by answering a number of questions related to your health, age, sex, smoking habits and lifestyle. Within a few minutes, you will receive multiple quotes for your comparison. Once you have made up your mind which policy you want, you need to complete filling the application form (as required) and within days of your application request, you will have to undergo a routine medical exam, paid for by the insurance company. After the medical results have been sent to the insurance company, in four to eight weeks you will receive notice about your final eligibility. If your policy is accepted, you then need to remit the initial premium to the company directly. Your premium is considered applicable as soon your first payment is received.

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You can try getting a quote from Geico and Farmers. They offer cheap insurance deals which can be paid every month. Their price ranges from eight to a hundred fifty dollars depending on your insurance needs and car model.

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My mother died eight months ago i haven't receive my life insurance payoff is that normal or not.?

If you are the beneficiary, this is a very long period of time. Consider calling the insurance company and ask what the delay is. If there's an executor, you should contact them as well.

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