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U go 2 a car or truck lot & find the same vehicle U have & look @ it.

Pop the bed liner out and use a measuring tape but most bedliners have a flat spot that is to be used

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Q: How can you locate the factory tie down spots under a bed liner in a 1994 Ford Ranger so you can cut the liner and use the tie downs?
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Will a 2000 Ford Ranger bed liner fit a 1994?

A 2000 Ford Ranger bed liner will not fit in a 1994 due to size and design differences. Accessories like bed liners are often designed to be compatible with many different years and models.

Where do you locate the washer pump on your 1996 740IL?

behind the plastic front fender liner on the passengers side

98 ford ranger where is vacuum canister?

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Where is the horn on a 1993 Ford Ranger?

Horn location on my '93 supercab is below the battery tray behind the inner fender liner.

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