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U go 2 a car or truck lot & find the same vehicle U have & look @ it.

Pop the bed liner out and use a measuring tape but most bedliners have a flat spot that is to be used

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Q: How can you locate the factory tie down spots under a bed liner in a 1994 Ford Ranger so you can cut the liner and use the tie downs?
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Will a 2000 Ford Ranger bed liner fit a 1994?

A 2000 Ford Ranger bed liner will not fit in a 1994 due to size and design differences. Accessories like bed liners are often designed to be compatible with many different years and models.

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If it's anything like my 2000 its tucked under the Frontpassenger wheel well liner.

Where is the horn on a 1993 Ford Ranger?

Horn location on my '93 supercab is below the battery tray behind the inner fender liner.

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Yes it will as long as it is not a long bed and it is a under the rail liner. over rail will fit but badly. rails in 1993 were changed to be wider and tapered.

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