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How can you loosen a real tight oil drain plug?

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The hex nut head on many oil drain plugs are very easy to damage by "rounding off" the corners due to slippage of the wrench on the nut. Do NOT attempt to use an adjustable wrench, an open end wrench, a box wrench, an improperly sized socket, or even a socket of the proper size IF IT IS WORN.

Use a tight fitting, properly sized socket with a "LONG BREAKER BAR." Be very careful to apply strong pressure on the socket to keep it up tight against the plug. This will reduce [but not necessarily prevent] the chance of it slipping off of the plug nut. Under no circumstance do you want the socket to slip off of the nut, as once that happens, the difficulty of the job multiplies by a factor of ten to one hundred, depending on the amount of damage you do to the nut.

It would help if you had a helper to concentrate on pushing the socket up tight against the nut, while you concentrate your efforts to turn the LONG breaker bar and socket.j3h.

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use a good pair of visegrip pliers if it is rounded off clamp them on tight then as you apply pressure on the pliers handle tap the head of the plug with a hammer usually works well

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I do you get the plug wires off of a 2002 Chev 5.3liter engine if they have the metal covers on the plug end do i need a special tool or just pull?

You need to grab them real tight and twist them left and right to brake the seal then pull them off with your hand. They will be tough to get off, but they just snap on the plug end tight.

Where is the manual transmission plug for 1992 Chevy ck1500?

If you look at the side of the transmission, you will see two plugs that look the same. But one will be towards the bottom real low, that will be the drain plug. The higher plug will be the fill plug and it will be 4-5 inches above the lower plug.

Where is the drain plug on a 2002 Monte Carlo?

I guess you are looking for the oil drain plug. It is a bolt that is underneath the car between the front wheels. The oil resovoir is, I think, made out of aluminum that is why it is silver in clor as opposed to the rest of the under carriage which is dark. Have your pan ready because the oil will come out fast, try to hold onto the drain plug while you are draining, it's a real pain to dig through the old oil to look for your plug.More QuestionDrain plug for what? If your looking for the radiator plug its on the bottom left of the radiator, might want to remove the plastic air deflector first.

How do i take off the spark plug for 660 raptor?

The best way is to use the spark plug socket out of the factory tool kit. If you do not have that use a normal 5/8" socket to loosen the spark plug. Use the spark plug wire to snap back on after the plug is loose and pull it out. The spark plug is at the very top of the engine, the spark plug wire is a real good indicator of its location.

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How do you take the spark plug wires off the plugs on a 2004 Chevy Silverado Truck?

Thay are Real TIGHT and hard to get off. twist them back and forth as you pull on them, thay will come off.

Where is the radiator drain plug on a 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix?

It's located on the lower driver side very corner of the radiator. It's a plastic nut with a couple tabs sticking out. Use a 19mm deep socket and short extension to unscrew it. The plug will come all the way out with a pull. It has a rubber seal on it so there will be a bit of resistance. Put it back just snug. You don't want to strip it. The rubber seal does the job, so it doesn't have to be real tight.

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How do you check tranny fluid on a 1997 Chevy z24?

These auto transmissions are a real pain if you don't have a lift. The car must be level to check the fluid...but...this is how. The fluid should be at room temp. Raise the car,unscrew the plug that's on the tranny(real close to the oil drain plug). Lower the car, The level should be at the bottom of the hole, so if it runs out fairly is good. Put the plug back in. If it don't run out, add some dexron III or IV through the red fill plug on the top of the tranny until it does run out. put the plug in. "Sux don't it"

Drain transmission fluid cold or hot?

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Where are the drain plugs for the Chevy 350 engine located exactly on the block?

Only one drain plug on a 350 that's the oil drain. on forward part of lowest part of pan. The radiator will have one depending on model on where it is. New answer- There are 2 water drain plugs on all V8 blocks, And you can find them 1 on each side of block, They our in the center of the block just above were the oil pan bolts on the block. They will be real short and takes a 1/2 inch socket to remove.

How do you change oil 2009 Mazda 6 2.5L engine?

UNDER THE CAR THERE IS what looks to be a square cut out of the plastic on the bottom. thats where the oil pan is drained. when the oil comes out it will flow backwards about a foot, so have the pan behind it and not directly under it. loosen the bolt on the oil pan. oil will come out from the hole. Then when its done emptying out you move the pan to the front of the car under the oil filter. If you have a canister filter you will not trash the canister.... you first and carefully loosen the plug on the canister....this is nice so you don't burn yourself with the hot oil from the oil filter.....drain canister.....loosen, strong hand and rubber glove can do this, otherwise use strap tool. change filter catrage and rubber seals. Now that you have changed the filter and screwed it back in snugly "not too tight" poor 5.3 qts back in the 2.5l 4cyld mazda motor. your car will like you for it, motor will run real nice and quite on penzoil 5w-30.

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Drain the coolant first. Now take a hammer and a chisel and put chisel on 1 side of the freeze plug and hit it with the hammer. It will turn the plug sideways in the block and then pull the plug out with something. Now clean and sand the block hole real good. Get a big socket that will fit in the new plug and put some yellow weather striping RTV around the new plug and then drive it back in the block with a hammer until it is flush with the block all the way around. THATS IT YOUR DONE.

How do you change a striker bolt on a 1996 Chevy pickup?

It just unscrews, It is real tight.

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Where do you add manual transmission fluid to a 1994 2 WD Toyota pickup?

I'm not real sure about the '92 model truck, but on my '98 tacoma there are 2 plugs directly on the transmission; one up high on one side and the other down low on the other side. I remove the lower plug to drain it and re-install it. After removing the higher plug I fill it with the recommended fluid until it begins to drain out of the upper hole. The transmission is only about half full when this occurs.

Where is the drain plug on a 1994 Mercury Cougar radiator?

facing the engine, look down on your left side. there is space to turn the plug. if you have an electric fan then it's real easy to see from the top. if you have a fan and shroud then raise the car and look underneath. it's easy to see. I've got a 1994 Cougar and learning stuff all the time.

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