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Keep the calories down, whatever you need for your height/weight/gender, then make sure you get a lot of protein. After you get a good diet program in place make sure that you get at least 45 minutes of vigorous exercise every day. Do that and you'll loose the weight.

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Q: How can you lose 10 pounds in 5 weeks and lose some inches in the stomach and thighs?
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How big is a fetus at 36 weeks?

A fetus at 36 weeks is about 17-18 inches long and weighs about 5 and a half pounds.

How much should a baby weigh at 34 weeks pregnancy?

4.73 pounds and 17.72 inches

How big is a baby at twenty-nine weeks?

Your baby is 15 inches long and about 3 pounds!

Do you have a stomach when 7 weeks pregnant?

It depends. Some pople have a stomach at 5 weeks or 12 weeks, its mostly herditary

How many sit-ups do you need to do to lose 50 pounds in two weeks?

It is imposible to lose 50lbs of stomach fat in two weeks, no matter how many sit-ups you do.

How big is a baby at 30 weeks pregnant?

Your baby's about 15.7 inches long now, and she weighs almost 3 pounds.

How much do babies weigh at 32 weeks gestational age?

On average a baby at 32 weeks weighs about 4 to 4 1/2 pounds and is about 17 inches long.

Is it possible to lose 5 inches off your waist in 5 weeks?

Yes. I'm 3 weeks into Weight Watchers and 2 weeks into doing the 30day shred by Jillian Michaels and I've lost exactly 5in of my waist, 2 off my thighs, 2.5 off my hips and 1 off my arms.

If you are really skinny and pregnant how soon will your stomach start to get hard?

I was 82 pounds before I got pregnant and my stomach didn't get hard until I was 16 weeks or so and it wasn't that hard just harder then before.

Where is the baby in your stomach at 10 weeks?

The baby is never in the stomach. He/she is in the uterus, which is separate to the stomach. See the related link for a picture of the baby and his/her rough position at 10 weeks.

If your lower part of your stomach is hard after nine weeks after period?

If your stomach is hard nine weeks after period you are probably either pregnant or blood is filling up in your stomach

Should your stomach be hard at 13 weeks?

There is no hard and fast rule in pregnancy as to when your stomach should get hard. Typically, the stomach hardness in the second trimester, so at 13 weeks your stomach might be hard or it might not.

How does your stomach feel at 5 weeks of pregnancy?

I'm about 5 weeks pregnant and I have a subtle stomach cramp in the upper part of my belly.

How many inches is the baby at 19 weeks?

Your baby is six inches long at 19 weeks!

How can you lose 93 pounds in three weeks?

No, it is not possible to lose 93 pounds in three weeks.

How big is your baby at 35 weeks and 4 days?

Your baby is approximately 18 inches and 5 1/2 pounds. View : for more information.

How do you lose 100 hundred pounds in four weeks?

You cannot lose 100 pounds in four weeks.

How do you lose 50 pounds in two weeks?

There is no natural way to lose fifty pounds in two weeks.

How many weeks would it take to lose 33.8 pounds in 24 weeks if you weighed 338 pounds?

How many weeks would it take in 24 weeks?? I think I see the answer...

Is it normal for your stomach to not be hard at 26 weeks?


Is it possible to feel a lump in your stomach at 4 weeks pregnant?

Your stomach has nothing to do with pregnancy

Does your stomach feel like a shell when 5 weeks pregnant?

your stomach would feel a bit more tighter at 5 weeks, so that will be a yes!

How do you lose 100 pounds in three weeks?

It is not possible to lose 100 pounds of body fat in three weeks.

How do you lose 25 pounds in five weeks?

To lose 25 pounds in five weeks, one should lose five pounds a week. This is equivalent to losing 0.71 pounds a day.

How do you lose 50 pounds in 2 weeks?

You cannot lose 50 pounds in two weeks by any natural means.