How can you lose 10 to 20 pounds in two weeks without calling attention to yourself when you weigh about 120 pounds?

DRINK WATER. and drink it throughout the day. make your goal 10 glasses a day, which will mean you will probably make it to 8 glasses. The first step to weight loss is water and that's because water will flush out all the stuff you had in ur body before and give you a fresh start. I weight the same as you (120 pounds) and I'm trying to lose about the same amount as you are. What I'm doing is eating ONLY fruits and vegetables and drinking ONLY water. No pop, tea (including iced tea), hot chocolote, lemonade, ect., because to lose that much weight i have to cut out ALL sugar and those drinks contain a TON of sugar and fat. maybe I'll improve this answer in a week and tell you how much i lost. but plz, plz, drink water. it's the BEST thing you can do to lose those extra pounds.