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stay away from pastries and junk food ,& to much milk

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Q: How can you lose 35 lbs in just 2 months?
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How can a 12 year old girl lose 35 pounds in 3 months?

Probably die, just about the only way If you didn't gain it in 3 months, you aren't going to lose it in three months. Half that weight would be a rate that could be done.

Which is greater 2 years 8 months or 35 months?

35 months.35 months.35 months.35 months.

How do you lose 30 or 35 lbs in 4 months?

You'll have to create a caloric defecit (burn more calories than you eat) of 1000 calories per day through diet control and exercise.

What is 35 percent of 420 pounds?

35% of 420 lbs. is 147 lbs.

What is 85 percent of a 35 year sentence?

just under (by 3 months) thirty years (35 x 12) x 0.85 = 357 months

Which is greater 2 years and 8 months or 35 months?

35 months

Average size of 2 year old boy?

my son is 19 months and hes 32 lbs and 35 inches long

How much weight could a 240 pound sixteen year old girl lose in 3 months?

Well, depending on her height a 240 pound girl could safly lose up to 35 pounds in 3 months.

How many months is three million seconds?

its just under 35 days

What is 35 stone?

One stone equals 14 lbs so 35 stone equals 490 lbs.

How many stones in 500 pounds?

14 lbs = 1 stone. Therefore, there are 35 stones in 500 lbs (with 10 lbs left over). In other words, 35 st 10 lbs.

How much is 35 lbs in kilograms?

35 lb = 15.8757 kg

How many kg is 35 lbs?

35 pounds = 15.875 kilograms.

How many lbs is 35 kilograms?

35 kilograms = 77.16 pounds.

35 kilograms is how many pounds?

35 kg = 77.16 lbs

What is 35 lbs in psi?

It's 35 psi. -or am I mis-understanding you.

At what torque must the Intake Manifold Bolts be tightened to on a 1992 Chevy 350?

35 Ft Lbs 35 Ft Lbs

What can you do with 35 pound weights to lose weight?

just use them slowly, go up and down with them.. You should lose about a pound a week or two.

How much is 35 kilograms in pounds?

35 kg is about 77.162 pounds.The formula to convert kilos to pounds35 kg*2.2046 lbs1 kg=77.16179176 lbs

How many months are you if im 35 weeks?

im 9 months but you'd be 8 months since you are 35 weeks.

I am 165 in height and weigh 89kgis it possible for you to lose at least 30-35 kg in 2 months?

If you want to lose that much weight I would say it is impossible. On average you should lose maybe 1 kilo a week. That would be 8-9 kilos over two months which is a tremendous amount of progress. You are talking about losing a third of your entire body weight in just two months. You would not survive.

How do you figure out a bows draw weight?

Small Child 50-70 lbs 10-15 lbs. Small Child 70-100 lbs. 15-25 lbs. Large Child 100-130 lbs. 25-35 lbs. Small Woman 100-130 lbs. 25-35 lbs. Medium Size Woman 130-160 lbs. 35-45 lbs. Large Woman 160 lbs. and up 45-55 lbs. Large Child (Boys) 130-150 lbs. 40-50 lbs. Small Men 120-150lbs. 45-55 lbs. Medium Size Men 150-180 lbs. 55-65 lbs. Large Men 180 lbs. and up 65-75 lbs. Now these are just averages shown here. You should use these to get started with, but every person is built differently, so get the bow that you are comfortable with.

How many kilos is 35 pounds?

15.87 To arrive at the answer, use the formula:35 lbs* 1 kg 2.2046 lbs = 15.87573295 kg

What is the conversion of .35 kilogram to pounds?

.35 kilograms = 0.77 pounds. The formula to convert kg into pounds .35 kg* 2.2046 lbs 1 kg = 0.7716179176 lbs

35 kg equals how many lb?

35 kg = 77.16 lbs.