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How can you lose weight in just a few days?

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  • You can't really permanently lose weight in a few days but if you don't eat, use laxatives and dehydrate yourself you will be lighter until you eat and drink again. Not recommended, you will probably feel faint and pass out. You should aim to lose about 1/2-1 kg a month by regular exercise and reducing fatty food - especially processed food. Try replacing one or two meals per day with fresh fruit and eat something like an apple or celery instead of snack food.
  • Stop eating for a few days or at least cut way down, don't eat at night, exercise as much as you humanly can, drink as much water as you can (fills you up, helps with digestion, stops water retention), and drink lemon juice (without sugar, it breaks down fat.)
  • If you were to do this... it would be painful and you will be miserable, but you would lose weight fairly quickly.
  • I recommend taking a cardio walk or run and do cardio actives, which doesn't include just eating or sitting. brisk walking or jogging in the summer for a few hours and eat fruit and vegetables would be good. Salad three times a week will help if you're not a salad fan. One thing is to make sure you don't gain any weight. Record how much you weigh everyday. If you start losing some, that's good news. If you gain some more, jog and walk in the park or something for like 5 hours and eat less sugar and fat foods. You should drink more water even if you're not thirsty and eat about a maximum of 1000 calories a day. You can treat yourself every once in a while not constantly. If you can't help not eating junk food try to stay away from it. You can also play will sports standing up to lose weight just don't sit down. It will take some time but there will be good results if you follow these instructions.
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Can jogging help you to lose weight?

Yes, jogging can help you to lose weight.Yes. I jogged on a treadmill for 5 days and I lost a few pounds.

If you work out and eat healthy can you lose any weight in three days?

Certainly. It would not be difficult for someone to lose a couple pounds the first few days of a diet. Weight loss the first couple of weeks works well, but then will taper out.

How do you loose 5 pounds in 2 days?

You don't. That would be dangerous to try to lose that much weight that fast. The best way to lose weight is to cut down on your portion sizes, eat healthy foods, and increase your exercise. You will probably lose a few pounds of "water weight" the first few, but it won't be that much.

How do you lose weight in five days?

Without starving yourself or slacking on any nutritional value you really can't lose a significant amount of weight (sorry if you're tired of reading this same kind of answer). I would suggest eating a lot of celery stick, carrots, and apples. guess if you spent five days eating nothing but those things you could lose a few pounds.Just take the challenge of Kellogg Special K and lose weight in 5 Days. Instead of dessert get a fruit .

How can you lose weights in seconds?

its imposible to lose weight in a few seconds

Does your period make you lose or gain weight?

gain. it's water weight. if you are careful and you don't give in to those crazy cravings, the weight will come off a few days after your period ends.

When you lose weight do you lose weight from your feet also?

Its always a uniform weight loss based on the muscle tone on every body part and the amount it is exercised. But not a perceptible amount from your feet. When you lose weight it's just that you shrink your fat cells. There are precious few fat cells in your feet.

If you weigh 287 pounds how much weight can you lose on a 40 day water fast?

If you weigh 287 pounds, you can not lose weight by giving up water for 40 days. Water is a necessity for a body. A person can only go a few days without water before starting to shut down. Try exercising and limiting your calorie intake to lose weight.

How do you lose weight in less than three months?

With exercise, moderate eating, and a healthy diet, you can begin to lose weight in just a week or two, and continue to lose a few pounds a month without resorting to starvation, drugs, or surgery.

What if you eat too few calories?

You Lose Weight.

What is the best 2 day diet to use?

There are no proven diets that will make you lose weight in two days. It is too unhealthy to try to lose weight that fast, and it is not good for your body. All you need to do is take it in moderation, eat healthy, and exercise to get great results in a few weeks to a few months.

How can I lose weight in a healthy way?

You can lose weight in a healthy way by doing exercises and eating food at is not junk food. Here are a few web sites on just that for you to look at

If you ride your bike 2 hours for 3 days wiill you lose weight?

Only by a tiny, tiny amount. It's really too few days to make much of a difference.

Is running an drinking water help lose weight?

yes, there are few better ways to lose weight than cardio and hydration.

Is it possible to lose around 40 pounds in a few days and if so how?

No. It took you quite a while to put that weight on. It will take a while to take it off.

Can you take medication that is just a few days past the expiration date?

You cannot take medication that is a few days past the expiration date because after the expiration date, they lose potency and may be unsafe.

A few days ago you became bulimic and you cant stop but you want to becuz your over weight how can you lose the weight with out the painstaking exercising and buying expensive diet pills?

Eat healthily or eat small meals every few hours and this will help you to lose weight.

Does slim fast help you lose weight?

Yes with plenty of exercise. However they just had a major re-call on a few of their products.

What happens if you eat too many or too few carloies?

Too many and you can gain weight. Too few and you can lose weight.

When you cut your self do you lose weight?

NO. Although if you bleed you will lose weight of the blood that comes out. (Not a recommended if you're trying to shed a few pounds)

What happens if you dont eat for 2 days will you get skinny?

You will become very weak and be very hungry. You will not really lose much weight though. Most of what would be lost would be water weight. It is also very dangerous not to eat for a few days.

What are some healthy snack choices when trying to lose weight?

There are several healthy choices for snacks while trying to lose weight - fruit, nuts and dairy are just a few of the choices. Try going to for more detailed descriptions and assistance in loosing those last few pounds.

Can you not eat and drink lax tea and lose weight fast?

Lax tea or laxative tea is a diarrhea stimulant. The only weight lost while using laxatives is the loss of backed up fesses in the bowels and water. The weight is usually easily put back on with just a few days of normal eating.

Can you lose weight by eating 100 calories a day?

If you eat 100 calories a day, you'll lose weight, but your metabolism will slow down significantly and in the long run, you'll gain weight. You'll also do damage to your organs. Yes, you will lose weight. You will also get ill. Keep it up for more than a few days and you will start to lose your hair and your teeth as your body starts to digest itself and you slowly starve to death.

Does spitting help you lose weight?

Only if you need to lose a few ounces on a very temporary basis. A sip of water and it all comes back. As a weight loss idea, no, spitting does not help you lose weight.