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Learn to treat sexual intimatcy and other people with respect and not as a means for self gratification.

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Q: How can you lower your craving for sex you are a man?
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Could liquor ruin a man sex drive?

Yes alcoholic beverages can lower a man's sex drive.

Man chances to get HIV lower than a woman?

Much lower if you don't have unprotected sex. Or even better none at all. Safe sex: telephone sex, cyber sex !!

Can a man have a lower sex drive due to a groin and abdomen hernias?

No, but these problems can make sex painful enough for a guy to avoid it.

What are the symptoms of baby girl in pregnancy?

Morning sickness , craving and lower back pain .

Im 13 and my heart has been beating very fast for the past days what is it?

You are craving sex. :)

Does horny and turned on mean the same thing?

When someone is horny they are craving sex. when they are yurned on they are attracted to you

How is marijuana additive?

its not. the only thing addicted realated to it is a craving like junk food or sex

What makes you a sex freak?

Always having a craving for it, and when you try to cut back, you cant, and when your done having sex, you think of yourself as weak, but you do it again.

What does it mean when a woman moans while she is sleeping?

Well it could mean that you are craving sex , or You have something on your mind & it is bugging you ...

Constant urination breast tenderness fatigue bloating food craving after a week of unprotected sex. Could I be pregnant?


Women and man sex?

sex is not classified as women and men sex. it is mutual relation between man and women. sex is not classified as women and men sex. it is mutual relation between man and women.

How does a man get molseted by another man?

By either oral sex, or anal sex

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