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How can you magnetize water?

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Despite the claims of 'magnetic therapists', you cannot magnetise water.

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Which side of the magnet do you use to magnetized water?

You can't magnetize water, it's a myth.

Can you re magnetize a magnet?

I don't think so because the definition of magnetize it to magnetize and a magnet is already magnetized.

How do you use magnetize in a sentence?

Whenever I get a new screwdriver, I always magnetize it right away. It is wikdely rumored that a potent electrical charge can magnetize certain metals.

What does Magnetically hard mean?

It means the the corresponding substance is difficult to magnetize or de-magnetize.

How do you magnetize a non metal?

you can't magnetize a non metal at all only metal

Can you magnetize sand?


Can gold be magnetize?


Why is a permanent magnet hard to magnetize?

You cannot magnetize a permanent magnet because it is already magnetized.

How do you put magnetize in a sentence?

You can magnetize a paper clip by passing it repeatedly over a large magnet.

How can water be magnetized?

u can magnetize water by mixing it with some science magnetism liquid and then u can stick it 2 somethin metal or magnetable

How do you magnetize aluminum?

you can't.

Does gold magnetize?


What is the verb of magnet?


What rhymes with magnetize?

In your eyes.

Can you magnetize white gold?


How do you magnetize a non magnetic material?

you can only magnetize something that contains iron. if what you have contains iron, then you rub a magnet on it

What is the verb form of magnet?


Can a diamond be magnetized?

No. There is no metal in a diamond to magnetize.

How do you magnetize the strip around refrigerator?

pee on it

How do you magnetize sockets?

duct tape a magnet to it.

How do you magnetize metal with electricity?

Wrap it with tinfoil

Do ferromagnetic materials magnetize?

You can magnetize them by placing them near the magnetic field of a metal, this magnetizes them Another way to magnetize a ferromagnet it to wrap a insulated live wire around it, letting each end of the wire touch a + or - side of a bettery. This produces an electromagnet, and it can be turned on or off.

What is the noun for magnetize?

The noun forms of the verb to magnetize (magnetise) are:magnetizer (magnetiser)magnetization (magnetisation)the gerund, magnetizing (magnetizing)A related noun form is magnet.

How do you magnetize a carbon?

carbon is not a magnetic, therefore it is impossible

What will happen if you hit a magnet with a hammer?

it will not work it will in magnetize it

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