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How can you make Oscar Mayer Sandwich Spread?


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All you have to do is put the Oscar Mayer hot dog in a blender and then spread it on a sandwich.


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Oscar Mayer Foods Corp. makes bacon

In 1998 the Oscar Mayer division of Philip Morris had revenues of $17.3 billion

Oscar Mayer Foods Corp. makes hot dogs

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no but you can try his "sausage"...... Wink wink

Leave the expensive refreshments to Wolfgang Puck and the Hollywood power players. Throw a fun and affordable Oscar Mayer products party to watch the Academy Awards with these suggestions.Potluck FavorsChallenge guests to make a creative potluck dish from Oscar Mayer’s product line of cold cuts, their iconic hot dogs, adult lunch kits and other prepared meats.Provide easy to prepare and serve side dishes like chili, pork and beans, chips, dips, salad fixings, and an assortment of condiments for the hot dogs.Party FavorsResearch the Oscar Mayer story at the Kraft foods website and create a trivia game about the brand. Challenge guests to recall details about Oscar the animated spokes-character for the brand and marketing of the Wienermobile.Make a buffet table of luncheon meats, cheeses, assorted breads, and condiments, and have a Dagwood sandwich contest. Give the winner a book of coupons (print them from the Kraft website) for Oscar Mayer products. Get the kids in on the fun with a best hot dog garnishing contest.Name GameUse commercials to play rounds of name that sandwich. Give the name of sandwiches and have guests list the ingredients used to make the sandwich. A few popular named sandwiches are: club sandwich, reuben, Monte Cristo, and the Dagwood.

If your sandwich is from the refrigerator, you can toast it to make it hot. You can choose any kind of sandwich spread (Lady's Choice, peanut butter, etc.). Then get a teaspoon and spread it onto the bread. Most people eat sandwiches with two pieces of bread, but some people eat with only one slice. It's up to you about how you make your sandwich yummy.

Spread peanut butter on a slice of bread, spread jelly on a second slice of bread, and then put the two slices together with the peanut butter and jelly on the inside of the sandwich.

To make a spam sandwich, slice the spam into pieces. You can make your sandwich cold, or heat or fry the spam. Place two slices of spam on a slice of bread, spread on your favorite condiment, and add any toppings you desire. Top the sandwich with another slice of bread and it's ready to eat.

I work for Oscar Mayer so thought I would share that we do still make Braunschweiger liver sausage. If you're having a difficult time finding it in stores, I recommend speaking to a store manager to see if they're willing to start carrying it. The product's UPC code is 044700012802. Hope this helps. Anne-marie

You can chop it up into little pieces and make sandwich spread out of it. Or my favorite, you can turn it into lamb stew!

According to the Kraft site, "In 1952, Carl Mayer dreamed up the Wienerwhistle as a promotional giveaway. Shaped like an Oscar Mayer Weiner, it could be played like a real musical instrument. At first, Wienerwhistles were handed out by company spokespeople during Wienermobile appearances. In 1958, the whistles were packaged with Oscar Mayer Wieners, and in 1964, they were a sell-out success at the New York World's Fair, dispensed in vending machines for two cents. "

Where can I buy olive loaf lunch meat . Every schnucks and Walmart store are out of the lunch meat.

If you like it that way, but I would think it would make it hard to spread.

If you want, you can make him a sandwich. If you don't want to, you tell him to make his own sandwich.

You should either say, "Yes, I'll make you a sandwich," or "No. Make your own sandwich."

Then you best make that sandwich

When you make an octopus sandwich, you put down a slice of bread, plop the octopus on top of it, keeping the tentacles inside, spread it with strawberry jam and put another slice over top. When making a frog sandwich, a slice of bread is put on the bottom and some dead frogs artistically placed on it, then ranch dressing is spread on them and another slice of bread is put on top.

Ham,cheese,jam,penut Butter, Marmite, chocolate spread and egg mayonnaise. make a marmite sandwich, then boil an egg, shell it and slice it. put the egg in with the marmite! yumm!

Personally, I just spread nutella on a piece of bread and fold. For a Reese's type sandwich; Put Nutella on one piece of bread and Peanut Butter on another and slap 'em together!

No, sorry, but quicken sandwich does not make sense.


Some people spread it between two cookies to make their own sandwich cookies.

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