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add some R134a but don't over charge, you will blow the ac compressor seals

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Q: How can you make a 1996 Saturn air conditioning blow colder air?
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How do you get the air conditioning vents to blow cold instead of hot on 1996 crown Victoria?

Check temperature control cable for binding.

Your heater will not blow on your 1996 Ford Contour?

heater will not blow on a 1996 ford contour

How slow does the wind blow on Saturn?

it bows 20 miles

Why is rubbing alcohol colder than water when you blow on it?

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What the function of recharge car air conditioning?

Recharging the air conditioning will allow the A/C to blow a lot colder. The do it yourself kits are cheap and easy even if you have very little automotive experience. Warning! Overcharging your refrigerant or (freon) can cause damage to the vehicle or pop the lines causing harm to you and the ozone. You should NEVER over charge or release refrigerant into the air!

Why phosphate conditioning is better than carbonate conditioning justify?

this is so bcoz even if cabonate conditioning forms soft scale , but it is a SCALE phosphate conditioning forms soft sludge , which can be removed by blow down operation . so its better than carbonate condiitoning

Why does your 15 amp air compressor blow fuse?

where is the resister for the air conditioning fan located.

Why would the air conditioning only blow air from the defrost and floor vents and not the dash vents on a 1996 jimmy?

This is a very common problem and you need to check for a vacuum leak, broken vacuum line or a loose vacuum line......

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What would cause 3 amp fuse to blow on central air conditioning?

from seeing your ugly face

Could you have a clog in your air conditioning unit is it does not blow cool air?

no you will need to call someone to fix it

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Why would the air conditioning not blow cold in idle in a 2002 Chevrolet suburban?

tad bit low on freon.

Why does my 2001 dodge air conditioning not blow cold?

if its blowing, but not blowing cold its low on coolant. it takes r134a.

1996 movie hyped it will blow audiences out of the water?

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What would make a 1995 jaguar only blow cool air when the air conditioning is on?

jaguars blow, the ac is making the cool air. turn it off, to stop cool the cool air.

Why is your car air conditioning blow hot air?

because you need to keep warm when it is winter and other times when it it cold

What would make auto air conditioning not blow cold air?

i have a 1996 buick century and i resolved my problem for $23. I went to C.A.P and purchased "EZ Chill auto air conditioning R-134a refrigerant plus oil" Filled my air conditioning port to the correct psi according to the guage( that comes with it) and my air conditioner was working full blast. It was alot cheaper than getting my freon filled by an auto place, which can cost you about $80-$90.

Why would your ac in your 2000 Saturn SC1 blow hot air?

you might need to refill the freeon

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What are possible causes for car ac to blow hot air with the pump engaged?

The chemical in the air conditioning unit needs replaced.

Why doesn't Air conditioning doesn't blow cold air in a ford escort zx2?

Low refrigerant causing compressor not to start?

Why would a central air conditioning unit not blow any air in the house?

indoor air fan is not functioning. for that, there are many possibilities.

What causes steam to blow through the air conditioning and heating vents in a car?

The steam could be coolant from a bad heater core.

What causes the air conditioning on a GMC Safari to blow out the heater vents?

You have a broken vacuum hose under the hood that supplies the switch.