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How can you make a 240V 60hz electric generator work at 240V 50hz?


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2015-07-15 18:42:38
2015-07-15 18:42:38

The frequency of the generated voltage depends on the speed of your engine. I assume it's a gasoline engine. It's probably spinning at about 3600 rpm. You need to get a mechanic to fiddle with the govenor and drop it down to 3000 rpm. 50HZ is 83 percent of 60Hz so you need 83 percent of whatever speed you are currently running. My question is, why bother?


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no, i asked and search about this issue, doing this will damage the motor, wire, adaptor....etc with time

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is the speed of the generator

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It must state on the appliance, that it will work at 240v, 50hz. If it does not clearly state it on the name plate, damage to the appliance will occur.

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You used to need a motor-generator set, but now you can do it electronically.

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No India uses 240V at 50Hz the U.S. uses 110V at 60Hz.

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