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How can you make a computer faster?

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A computer can be made faster by

1)defragging it regularly using Windows Disk Defragmenter. (This is false, the purpose of the disk defragmenter is to clean up missing space in the OS, this is only good typically after uninstalling something).

2)deleting the temporary files in the system.

3)reducing the number of programs that start during windows start up.

4)optimizing system configuration

5)adding more RAM [memory] (be sure to check if it is compatible! DDR2 is not compatible with DDR3, for example. Find out your type of RAM by either opening up your case and looking or at and scanning!)

6)upgrading the CPU

7)Upgrading other components such as Graphic Card

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Why we use computer why computer is usefull what are the benifits of computer?

to make work faster

How do you make Maplestory run faster on my computer?

Buy a new computer

How can you make your computer go faster?

refresh it

What are some ways to make a computer run faster?

Some ways to make a computer run faster is to defragment the computer and to use file paging. Another method of making a computer run faster is to limit the number of programs that run on start up.

How can you make an old computer run faster?

Here's a link for that, this video helped me a lot.

Make computer run faster?

buy a new computer throw away the old computer

How do you make a computer faster for free?

You move closer to Public Library for faster broadband : )

What are the benefits of the computer?

It has make work easy and faster

How does a computer make work easy and faster?


Why are gigabytes important?

They make the computer run faster

Is there any way to make computer peripherals faster?

Here's a link for that, this video helped me a lot

What is a utility suite?

it is designed to operate the computer hardware and make the computer run faster

What makes computer fast?

Smart Defrag, Spotmau, CCleaner, can make you computer faster.

How do you get your dock to load faster on Webkinz?

If you have the latest computer types and things like that there is definetly a chance your computer will make your Webkinz dock load faster. Unfortunatley, there is no cheat or code to make the dock load better or faster.

How do you clean your computer to make it faster?

use a sponge and soap

Will deleting temp make computer run faster?


Are there any websites that can help me find my computer is slow?

Cleaning up your computer's hard drive can make your computer work faster. Make sure to clear all cookies and defragment the hard drive. If you do this that should make your computer move a lot faster.

How can you make mabinogi download faster?

You can get anything to download faster by removing files and speeding up your computer.

How do magnets in the computer make the hard drive spin faster?


How can you make your computer run faster free?

By deleting Temp files

What makes a computer run faster?

If you want to make your computer run faster delete any programs YOU added to your computer but NEVER EVER DELETE WINDOWS PROGRAMS OR PROGRAMS THAT YOUR COMPUTER COMES WITH! or you may destroy or also know as crash your computer.

Where might one go online to find out how to make their computer faster?

Websites such as Fix My PC FREE, MakeUseOf, Microsoft, and CNN provide information on how to make one's computer work faster. For example, one should remove spyware, free up disk space, and repair disk errors in order to make one's computer work faster.

How can one make their computer faster?

You can make your computer faster in various ways. Limiting the amount of space used on the hard drive to a maximum of 85% will help. Removing unused programs is another good way to make it faster as well as preventing unnecessary programs from running on start up. An anti-virus software can clean up and bugs that could make the computer run slower.

Explain the speed of the computer?

Computers have many different components with different parts. The higher speed of that component, the faster the computer does that job. For example, even though they are more expensive and hold less data, SSDs are faster than most hard drives. Therefore, the computer boots faster, and file operations are faster. The primary factor in how fast a computer itself works is usually the processer. The faster the processor is (more gigahertz), the faster the computer can make calculations.

How can you make teamfortress2 run faster on your computer?

you can turn all the graphics and settings to the lowest point which makes it run faster.