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you go buy a giraffe and then you put the giraffe on a dog and theres your halloween giraffe costume


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Yes. Examples: The giraffe was fighting the other giraffe. I saw a giraffe at the zoo today. Etc

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The giraffe makes to little sounds to hear with the human ear

you dont have to make a costume just order one from online

To make a custom costume click the shirt icon on the top right corner then click on someones costume.

I bought the costume, but it is a little plain. I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas that will make the costume nicer, or funnier.

his costume is already metal

you get to go to the store and buy the costume.

you can be a ghost or a witch.or you can just make your own costume

Giraffe eat people. China make too many people. Root beer floats are made from giraffe blood.

It is definitely possible to make him a firefighter costume. I have seen costume patterns that include firefighters, but with the cost of fabric and notions, you could probably buy him a costume, already made, for about the same price.

Well, they both make manure. If you mean what do you get if you cross a giraffe with a horse, the answer is nothing. It is not possible to breed those two animals.

Well you basically get some materials after annaylising the costume and then just finally make the costume. If you are not very good with sewing and other stuff like that try getting a ready made costume from a costume shop. Just ask peopple.

go on the internet and search how to make costume for the greek goddeseses of hunt it is that simple

An animal costume would the warmest, because it is make of cloth.

You can make a cat costume by making small ears to go on your head. You can then painting the tip of your nose black.

If you know how to make cardboard knight costume, I'll say put metal on the cardboard that is shiney

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here is a costume, hope this could be helpful:

Hermione is a great costume as long as you make it look nice.

you can olly do it on pc with costume designer programs

A giraffe can make several different sounds. They can mew or bleat to their mothers. They cough to attract mates. They also communicate by grunts, snorts and whistles.

You can create your child's costume with out being an amazing sewing machine. Here is a great article on how to create a fire fighter costume with out sewing.

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