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explain to him what a narcissist is, explain that Narcissism usually develops at the age of 1 and 2 when a parent becomes weak, like getting him out of the crib when he cries for 3 seconds, when he learns to get away with things early on, he then becomes narcissitic, then say "you may have some of these qualities, if it gets real bad, then tell him, you have some qualities too, as does milions of american's ==Not sure== If that explanation to a narcissist would get any response but anger, exactly what the original questioner is wanting to avoid. I don't believe pointing out what our personal opinions of the cause of narcissism would help. I believe what helps is helping ourselves, victims of the narcissist. Refuse to allow their antics to have any emotional effect on us at all. Ignore their manipulative tendencies because it is a war we cannot win so why get into the battle. The one consistency I have read is to stay away from them. Once you determine you are truly dealing with a narcissist then get far away, if possible. If you allow them to have an affect on you and they see that they are then you are simply be feeding their narcissistic needs and they will continue to use and abuse you.

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Q: How can you make a narcissist aware of the issue without angering him?
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