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Give each user their own computer on the LAN.

InfoEach user should have their own username/password. Any changes a user makes to the way their desktop looks is JUST for that user. If user A logs into the PC, and turns the Active Title bars purple, only user A has to live with purple Active Title bars. User E could log in and make his/her Active Title bars orange, without affecting user A's.

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Install and use Microsoft's free VirtualPC virtualisation program. Each virtualised environment gets its own IP and each user can run his/her own environment.

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Q: How can you make each user in an XP system look as if they were on a network as separate computers?
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Can two computers using the same Internet connection use the same operating system product key?

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Peer To Peer Network, A+ Guide To Hardware, page 466

A computer network is defined as two or more computers connected via so that they can communicate with each other?

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