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  • Sometimes our friends outgrow us or we outgrow them. Don't worry it happens to many people. There are far more people out there that are shy than not. Start watching people and decide which people are friendly, approachable and are the type you would like as friends. Just be yourself! Don't try to act cool just to be with the "in crowd." You can volunteer, go to a church that holds Youth Study Sessions, etc. Start by just talking about school or music groups. If you like a girl/guy that you find friendly talk about school or music groups. Nature will do the rest. Don't worry about it so much, things will work out. Simply smiling makes you look approachable, but pick the person or persons you want to get to know better when you do this.
  • I went through this also. My friends left me too. What I did was in my classes I started talking to other people and asked to sit with them at lunch. I know it might be hard, but things will be fine. Joining a club may also help.
  • Another tip is, when first approaching somebody complement them by saying you like their bag/shoes etc., and this will get you off on the right foot with them!
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โˆ™ 2011-03-05 19:31:46
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Q: How can you make friends if your friends from junior high ditched you and you don't make friends easily?
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