How can you make sex more pleasurable for your man and make him do less work My boyfriend loves having sex but complaines i dont do enough of the work how can i do more of the work?

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How can you make more time to work out?

Answer . \nThe keywords in this question are that you have to "make time". We all have excuses as to why we don't want to work out. We may feel tired or just don't think we have time. You will have time if you cut out activities that are time wasters. You don't have to multitask, but instead ( Full Answer )

What do you do with a boyfriend who seems like he is more in love with sex than with you?

Answer . It depends on you. Obviously, you want to be more than just sex partners. Something like this you really need to be honest with him about. The doors of communication need to come open. Just tell him exactly how you're feeling. heres what i would say,\n. \n" I really care alot about you ( Full Answer )

What can you do to make your boyfriend love you more?

Simple answer is that you can't. He will feel what he feels. Other points I would make are: . It may be that he does love you but doesn't verbalise it (men tend to rely on actions rather than words to express how they feel). Maybe you should ask him how he feels and explain your insecurities? ( Full Answer )

Does sex bring two people closer and make them love each other more?

Answer It should do, and although sex is best experienced in this context (bringing people closer together in a unique special way) this is not always the case. Sometimes people hahve sex in a casual way: that is where the act is more important that who they are doing it with. But sex is at is best ( Full Answer )

Sex at work?

depends on : . Who with . where you work . type of office (like a private office room or at the front desk) But i have done it and liked it.

How can you make a women have more sex?

make it fun squeeze and pinch the boobs slap her butt more and hump harder them just rip her clithes off hardee and shell think yoou enjoy it more so she will to for you just out you pinus near her face and she will be hooked and lick her but to be more sexual

Does more of RAM make your computer work faster?

Increasing your RAM will make a major difference. Each program you run requires a specific amount of RAM usage at one time. The more RAM a user has will cause the computer to run more smoother, and should make programs open up faster. Each RAM stick has a sector that holds all physical activity, so ( Full Answer )

Teenage girls have fun with sex i am one but i dont know how to make my boyfriend get turnded on or feel good he does all the work i need some tips. can you help?

don't show that your shy.... go with the flow but make sure your in the mood. try different possitions it doesnt have to always be missionary:-) you don't need to have sex all the with him for a while, tickle him- that should get you in the mood xxxxxxxxxxxx Also, you could make h ( Full Answer )

How do you make sex more exciting?

if your a woman, wear a new bikini/thongs/g-string inside and wear micro mini skirt with a short jacket and boots. do a pole dance/ dace in front of him and strip yourself slowly. to make it more fun for him, let him strip you. make sure you set up the candles. to make it more fun ask him to do some ( Full Answer )

What if your boyfriend cheats on you more than once but still says he loves you and wants to make the relationship work?

It means he wants to have both you and the person(s) he's cheating with . Of course he wants to make the relationship work, because it allows him to have you and anyone else he's fooling with. If you want to share the 'germs' that he gets from being with these other persons, stay with him. As the ( Full Answer )

What is the secret to making your boyfriend love you more?

Be yourself and he will don't tru to be different thinking it will make him love you more.just be confident that's what men like be in control and if he doesnt love you tons for you then maybe he needs a wakeup call of what an amazing person he has in his life good luck; &hesrts; Amanda

What makes a love relationship work?

Communication, understanding, humor, trust, honesty, and above all you both have to equally play a part in the relationship 50/50

How do you get more pleasure in sex?

Me and my girlfriend tend to like hair pulling and scratching, basically ask your partner their turn ons and favourite position. I find if you have sex to please the other person, you get the rewards.

What factors make a man enjoy sex more with a some woman more that others?

The senses: The scent of her body (that's why we have perfumes). Visual perception, or morphology. Taste; women do taste and smell differently. Touch: the feel of her softness, combined with her scent, taste and looks. The sound of her voice, its softness of her sighs and the strength of her groans. ( Full Answer )

How do you make a teenager more hard working?

Rewards work great! Children and teenagers respond best if they have some kind of "instant gratification" or reward for working. As they mature, their work habits will be part of their lives, but when training them, you need to find some kind of reward. Teens enjoy rewards that help them meet their ( Full Answer )

How does sex works?


Do condoms make sex less pleasurable?

They don necessarily make a great deal of difference the feeling that you are safer from accidental pregnancy and disease would certainly make you feel a lot more relaxed in some instances. I have goe both ways and have enjoyed my self either way.

How far did the Depression make the work of the League more difficult?

led to rise of extremist governments. for example in Italy and japan. . more American isolationism therefore if the league did impose any sanctions USA was not going to support them as its economy was suffering thus the league did not impose sanctions on the aggressors. . leading members of the le ( Full Answer )

Who feels more pleasure during sex?

The woman feels the most pleasure.. as she has orgasms/multiple-orgasms.. and boys its no more pleasurable than wanking RE-Edit: For guys it is not just like wanking it, if your truly in Love with the woman than it is indeed heightened pleasure and as one you both feel the same pleasure. RE ( Full Answer )

How do you make my boyfriend love me more?

if your boyfriend doesn't love you for who you are, he isn't worth keeping. make a date dedicated to him only just u and him together doing wat he wants and show that u care about him and the stuff he likes.

Will sex make you more or less clingy?

it depends if your other half is good or bad. if they are then u will be more clingy because u will fall for them more. if they are not then less clingy because u will probably get fed up with them.

How can you make more money without working hard?

I wanted to make some extra money while still keeping my full time job and after I lost money trying different things I finally found this web site that sold a book on blogging that helped me out. The book is 49.99 but it is well worth it, it gives you ideas to blog about, real business that will hi ( Full Answer )

How can you make your boyfriend love you more and more?

Answer: The fact of the matter is that you can do nothing to make someone love you, nor is there anything you can do to make the person who does love you, love you more. Either he loves you, or not. Interestingly, though, some of our contributors do have comments on the subject. . Contr ( Full Answer )

How 2 get more pleasure out of sex with my girlfriend?

Sex starts in the livingroom. This means it starts with feeling close to your partner and communicating with her as to her likes and dislikes as well as yours. If you can't talk about it and what turns each of you on, then you shouldn't be having sex.

Does it really work to ignore your crush to make them want you more?

Actually it does!!! Works well depending on how you use it. But make sure the crush notice you first and takes an interest in you. Spark up a conversation once and then avoid or give small short answers next time. Make it apper than you are in demand and have opptions. But don't come off as a jerk o ( Full Answer )

How do you make boys want sex more?

Find a time when the two of you can be alone, without interruption. Then start of slowly, kissing him on the lips, run your hands through his hair etc. If he wants to, let him feel you (but obviously, ask him to stop if you become uncomfortable). Eventually, he will find it hard to resist.

How can you make sex pleasurable to your girlfriend?

For guys, sex is physical, usually centered on their dick, and visual. For girls, positive emotions are key, and they are sexual all over. Be gentle but firm, lots of kissing and foreplay, and get really good at giving head to women. Be a thoughtful, romantic, boyfriend, and they will want sex more ( Full Answer )

How do you make woman enjoy sex more?

Well every woman is different but on a personal level i would have to say women get more pleasure when you work with their clit. During sex, make things fun, not tense and serious. you should be comfortable with eachother or everything is just all wrong. if you want her to really really like it and ( Full Answer )

Do pulleys make you work less?

No. If you are, say, lifting a weight the amount of work done is the same whether you use a pulley or not. However, you may not be able to actually lift the weight unless you use a pulley. But the amount of work done will be the same with or without the pulley.

How did the assembly line help make work more productive?

Normally, one person would have to assemble the whole object alone, and it would take lots of time. On an assembly line, multiple people assemble little parts of a device as it moves along. That way there is little room for error , because each person has to do 1 thing. There are also robots, which ( Full Answer )

How do you make sex more painful?

So my experience is... If she is a virgin push HARD! Ram her repeatedly, don't stop. Butif she isn't a virgin, can't help you. Make it as painful as possible the longer you fu** her, the morepainful Extra pain= Don't pull it out slow, Go Fast.

How do you make your boyfriend to love u more?

To be honest with you, i don't think you can make your boyfriend love you more.. but some things to avoid is fighting, nagging, flirting with other guys, jealousy. things like that can push them away. Be you. If he loves you he will love you for you! Don't change for anyone but yourself! If it doesn ( Full Answer )

How far did the depression make work more difficult for the league?

The economic depression of 1929 was one of the reasons the League of Nations was unsuccessful. Countries such as Britain and France were more worried about their own affairs than they were internationally. During the depression countries got considerably poorer. They simply could not afford to help ( Full Answer )

How do you make it work when your man has fallen out of love?

Im no expert but try to relive some of the best moments you've ever had with him. Tell him that you love him spontaneously. It never hurts to buy him a gift that Reminds him of good memories or a gift that could bring him more good memories.