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Your Daewoo lanos is making a knocking sound what do you do?

I would recommend taking it to a mechanic and have them listen to it. Everyone's definition of "knocking" is slightly different. Try not to drive it for too long; engine knocks can usually cause pretty severe damage to an engine.

1999 Daewoo Lanos P1887 Trouble code What does it mean?

Code Make Description P1887 Ford Four-wheel drive control solenoid circuit failure P1887 GM TCC Release Switch Malfunction P1887 Mazda Four-wheel drive control solenoid circuit failure As its a Daewoo possible the middle one as its a gm engine Can you tell me where the obd 2 connector is on your car

You replaced the thermostat on your 1999 Daewoo Lanos and now the new one leaks why?

did you change your gasket put a new gasket with a silacone tighten the bolts down evenly drive safe

Where is located the camshaft sensor for a Daewoo Lanos 2001?

Behind the cam drive pulleys The electrical connector is located under the top engine cover forward of #1 sparkplug. To reach the Cam Sensor it is necessary to remove the upper cam belt cover. This may require removing the “Alternator Drive Pulley” in order to get enough room to get the cover out of the way. The Cam Position sensor is behind the cam drive pulleys directly below the electrical connector.

What are the warning signs for a Daewoo Lanos 1998?

my wife and i both drive a lanos. The things to look out for are as follows: fuel pumps are a known problem:ABS can also be a problem and people turn off the ABS light so make sure this is on when you turn key and make sure it goes off when engine starts --This also applies for Airbag light as the airbag modules failing are a known problem. Erratic revving is also a known problem when engine gets hot --so take the car for a decent test drive. Water (especially on passenger door) is another one to watch for . Some of these cars are very heavy on petrol for the engine cc. The only other problem That I know of is a "Sticky" accelerator which is a nightmare in slow traffic. These are problems in a manual gearbox car and I cannot say anything about the automatic model. If you get a good Lanos you have a cheap car that is both reliable and comfortable.

Where can you get a camshaft position sensor for a 2000 Daewoo Lanos?

GM is now importing parts for Daewoo's You can get one for $40 plus shipping Call 800 373 7273 Chevrolet's Aveo is the same drivetrain & transmission as a Daewoo Lanos. Order the sensor from any Chevy dealer --but expect a hassle. They will pry and pry about what the VIN number of your "Aveo" is. Tell them it is an '04 equipped with an E-Tech 1 engine. This earlier sensor will fit. The same thing happened to me. GM in North America does not offer parts for vehicles sold under the Daewoo brand name from 1999-2002. In Canada, the only authorized source for Genuine Daewoo parts is Solvit, 60 Esna Park Drive, Unit 5, Markham Ontario. Contact information is available on their website at If you're in Canada, you can get 1 from the Canadian importer for Daewoo Parts - Solvit APC in Markham, Ontario - phone 905-947-8540, fax 289-333-0081, email

What to do after putting on fuel pump for lanous daewoo 2000?

Drive it

Can you drive a 1985 Dodge Ram Truck without the Fan Shroud?

Yes, but you run the risk of the engine overheating when sitting still.

Power drive button in a 2002 Daewoo lanos?

When the Power button is pressed, the gear shifts at higher revs, so you can get better acceleration when outrunning other vehicle, or when driving uphills. In everyday driving, turn it of, because the car is going to be noisier and just wasting more fuel for no reason.

Why does Daewoo lanos stalls when in drive?

it sounds like your timing is out and needs re-adjusting. when the timing is out on this model it also affects the battery operation . simply put the battery isn't getting charged properley. don't replace the battery, just reset your timing and it should'NT stall any more!

What does the oil check light on a 2001 Daewoo mean?

It means your car has very little oil in it and if you don't put more oil in you will wreck your engine. You need to do this before you drive it anymore.

Eliminate a rattling noise from the front drive on Daewoo Matiz?

Check your front brake pads

Who is A person sitting next to a drive?

you probably mean driver. the person sitting next to a driver is a passenger.

Where is the ignition module located on 97 safari all wheel drive?

I understand it is by the coil. You have to remove the dog house, the coil is on the right side of the engine if you were sitting in the drivers seat.

How dangerous is it to drive with a hole in your engine?

you cant drive your car if you have hole in your engine because your engine is a propeller for your car.

Where is the distributor on a 1998 Chrysler Sebring 2.5l v6?

Rear drive side of the engine.Rear drive side of the engine.

What is vehicle layout?

The only vehicle layout I know of is used to describe the location of the engine in the vehicle and where it's drive wheels are: Front engine Front Wheel Drive Front engine Rear Wheel Drive Front engine All Wheel Drive mid engine Rear Wheel Drive mid engine AWD Rear engine RWD rear engine AWD never hear pf a Mid engine FWD or rear engine FWD

Daewoo tacuma 2003 the abs light comes on when you start to drive?

it just means abs is activated

Is the drivers side the left or right?

While sitting in the vehicle facing forward the left side will be on your left and the right side will be on your right.For parts on cars with sideways sitting engine/trans. while sitting in the vehicle facing forward the left side of the engine will be closest to the front of the vehicle.The driver sits in the side of the vehicle closest to the center of the road. Therefore, in the US, where vehicles drive on the right, the driver sits in the left side of the vehicle. The reverse is true in the UK, where vehicles drive on the left, the driver sits in the right side of the vehicle.

What is the 2001 Daewoo Leganza gear order?

I have the 2000 model are you talking about rev/neu/ drive/ park gears?

In sports cars what type of engine arrangement is used?

Either a transverse engine for front wheel drive cars (and the occasional rear engine, rear wheel drive car), or a longitudinal engine for front/mid-engine, rear wheel drive cars.

Is the 3s engine a rear wheel drive engine?

yes it is a rear wheel drive Automatic transmission

Can you drive your car with a cracked engine block?

You can drive a car with a cracked engine block, but it will eventually stop running. The engine will go out completely after time.

What tipe of car do they drive in Romania?

Logan, Dacia 1300, Volkswagen, Skoda, Ford, BMW, Daewoo, Hyundai, etc.

All transverse engine layouts are associated with front wheel drive?

No, There are, rear engine, mid engine and all wheel drive applications as well