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You cant 'make' anyone do anything, if someone loves their boyfriend then you cant force them to love you. If you love your best friend then too bad, I don't think you should get involved.

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Q: How can you make your best friend love you over her boyfriend?
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Should i tell my best friend i love him when i have a boyfriend?

if you realy love your best friend then you really shouldn't be with anyone except him if your using your boyfriend that just isn't fair but before you finish with your boyfriend make sure your feelings for you best friend are real because whilst going out with a best friend can be great the break ups are often harsh

Why would your boyfriends best friend try to get with you?

Well it depends. Is your boyfriend's best friend recently been dumped? Cause then he could be confused. Or maybe, you make your boyfriend really happy and his best friend wanted to be happy too. You should tell your boyfriend if you really love him.

Can you boyfriend be your best friend?

Sure! make sure you still have other best friends, but sure! My boyfriend is my best friend

What if you love your boyfriend but also you love their best friend but you dont think his best friend loves you back?

You should wait til your boy friends friend is single put the moves on him and if that doesnt work then make sure he doesn't tell your boy friend or there will be trouble.

What if your boyfriend gets jealous of your best friend and says him or me?

Then it is time that you explain to your boyfriend about who you love, and who is your friend. It can honestly get very hard in this type of thing, because if your boyfriend makes you choose one out of the two, it is not an easy thing to do. Since your best friend, is your friend, while on the other hand, your boyfriend is your man. You just need to tell him that he would always be your boyfriend, and explain. If you pick your boyfriend you'd be unfair to your best friend, and if you picked your best friend then your relationship may be at the bottom of the ocean. You love your boyfriend, but you also care a lot about your friend in a friend type of way, nothing else besides that. If he doesn't buy it then it's tough luck. If you are actually unfaithful to your boyfriend, that's a different story. It would be best to talk to him and find a way to communicate about this so no mistakes are passed. That's what I recommend you to do, it's probably the best way instead of ignoring your boyfriend's question which may make it worse.

Im happy with my boyfriend but realized i fell in love with my best friend Can this ever happen to anyone?

Of course it an happen to anyone, especially when you least expect it. The heart feels what it wants to, and you just go with it although it might get tough. You shouldn't act on the fact that you're in love with your best friend unless you break things off with your boyfriend and make the final decision that you are truly and 100% in love with your best friend.

What do you do when your falling in love with your boyfriend's best friend do you tell him?

If you are not in love with your boyfriend, you should probably tell him that. If you plan on making a move after that on his best friend, you should also probably warn him of that before you do. Also, please don't cheat on the guy, this is going to be hard enough on him in the first place, don't make it worse.

What do you do when you like your boyfriend and his best friend and his best friend likes you too?

First you need to decide who you like more but don't make a move on your boyfriend's best friend until you know you're absolutely sure you like his best friend. If you don't like your boyfriend's best friend then forget about him and focus on your boyfriend that you have now and remember never cheat.

What do you do when your friend's ex boyfriend wants to go out with you but he is still in love with your friend and your friend is in love with him?

The right thing to do is not go out with him. If you do you can make your friend upset. Tell this boy you can't date him and if he likes you, he will understand. The best thing to do is to tell your friend he likes you and then tell her you already said no.

What do you do when you are in love with your best friend and she is in love with you but she has a boyfriend?

Hi: Ask yourself, Who do you love more, her or yourself? If the answer is her, then you will want for her whatever will make her the happiest, even if that is being with your best friend. If the answer is yourelf, then you will probably try to get in the way of her happiness, and make her go with you. She has to make the same decisions for herself. If she loves you more, you will know soon enough. Real love is being happy for her no matter what she does.

What do you do if you want to make out with your best friend and your best friend wants to make out with you?

it depends, if she is single go for it and hope for the best.If your other best friend is her boyfriend than idk

What if you love your boyfriends best friend and he feels the same but you also love your boyfriend that you have been dating for 4 years?

You should probably cheat on your boyfriend to see if it feels right with your boyfriends best friend. And even if your boyfriend catches you, you could just blame the best friend and say he tried to rape you or something. ^^^ I have the same problem. I have been dating my boyfriend for 7 months and I have recently found out that I have feelings for his best friend. The friend likes me too and we have even tried to kiss to see how it feels. But then....crap hit the fan....the friend told my boyfriend and everything went to hell. So, in my opinion I don't think you should cheat on your boyfriend. Maybe you could take a break and try things out with the friend, but I would not cheat on him. That would make him lose trust in you and what if the fling with the best friend doesn't work out? I know, this sucks.

What do you do when your boyfriend's best friend is his ex-girlfriend?

Nothing. Just accept the fact that he is friends with his ex or move on. He won't ditch his best friend for you, a guy is more likely to ditch the girlfriend for his friends. Girlfriends come and go, best friends are for life. My best advice, make her your friend too and he will love that about you.

What do you do if your best girlfriend and you are a girl lied on the boy that you love and told him that you already have a boyfriend?

Set him straight, make it clear you're single, and ask your friend why she lied.

How do you make your best friend like you when they have a boyfriend?

What yer turn....

How can you determine if your already falling in love with your guy best friend?

Do you fancy him? When he smiles does it make your heart melt? When you're not with him do you think of him? Do you ever dream that he is your boyfriend? Do you want him to be your boyfriend? Have you noticed that your feelings towards him have changed? If the answer is yeas to most questions then you may like him more then a friend

How can i make the mother of my best friend like my best friend's boyfriend?

You cannot nor should you try - it is best you do not get involved with things that have nothing to do with you.

What if you love a guy but he has a girlfriend and she is your best friend?

Move on. No boy should get in the way of you and your best friend. It's not worst the hastle of you and your best mate having a fight over a boy. Trust me there's more boys out there. Some will probably make you happier then your best mates boyfriend ever will.

What do you do if your best friend is going behind your back and telling your boyfriend how much she likes him?

Well, you can't blame your best friend. Your boyfriend is probably really cute! If that is not it, tell your best friend that it is bothering you. And tell your best friend why it bothers you. She should understand. Make sure you say it in a private place. Oh, and make sure that you say it it kind, calm, and understandable. So your best friend doesn't get hurt.

What do you do when you love your boyfriends best friend and boyfriend?

well than you have to make a choice which one would you be happier with? Which one loves you more and which one do you love more I know this sounds cheesy but follow your heart:)

How can you get a cat to love you?

The best way to make a friend is to be a friend.

What can you do to make your best friend love you?

You cannot much than care for them. Caring for a best friend till they love you is a common phenomenon.

If you ensure that your ex-boyfriend still like you in a certain degree what can you do can repair your relationship?

Make him jeolous by dating his best friend Make him jeolous by dating his best friend

How do you get your ex-boyfriend back if he is now dating your best friend?

Most of the time you just wanna hear what you wanna hear and nothing else , but if he is dating your best friend it just means you have no best friend , and iwouldn't want him back even if iwas in love because that's just nasty ! If he cared about you he wouldn't have gone out with your best friend because he knows that it'll make you hurt and so does your " best friend " !

Can you kiss your best friends boyfriend but your ex boyfriend?

How do you think your best friend will feel? If you feel she will be OK with you kissing her boyfriend, then that's OK, but somehow I have a feeling she won't like it, and she won't be your best friend for much longer... However, if you think your boyfrined is more important than your best friend, then you can try... P.S. Make sure you have his consent first...