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There are several ways in which women attempt to promote their natural breast growth. The use of herbs and herbal formulations is the most common method tried and the most widespread, but there are other methods in popular use such as the use of suction pumps, hypnosis and self-hypnosis, and especially in China the use of particular massage techniques. These methods are known collectively as natural breast enhancement (or sometimes as natural breast enlargement) and it's a subject which is becoming increasingly popular. The main websites which detail the various methods of natural breast enhancement are 'Breast Nexus' and 'NBE Quest'. None of the methods discussed on these sites are clinically proven and most rely on traditional knowledge or folk medicine, although there are more modern ideas too.

Go to this link.....I did what they said with the fenugreek, sawpalmetto and Red clover. Believe me you will be really soar after taking these herbs within 6 weeks (keep in mind that either the fenugreek or the saw palmetto gives you an odor when you perspire) so you have to determin whether or not you really want to do this. It is recommended to do this for 9 months and I have also read that if you use a breast pump during the time that you do this regimen it is suppose to help with increasing your breast size. It is a good idea to excercise the pectoral muscles so that you don't have future problems with your back. I have just incorporated Wild Yam to my regimen but I haven't kept up with the 3 times a day like the website says to because my husband doesn't like the odor that I have when I take them the way it says to but I will say that I have been losing weight and I haven't lost anything in my breast. To date I have lost 30 pounds and my measurement around is 42 which is what I was when I was 30 pounds heavier so it must be working.

Hey here is a good way to get bigger boobs naturally well you put something on your nipples like that is fresh or spicy like toothpaste (witch is the best) or hot sauce. do that every night and also rub your boobs with lotion for 5 min 3 times a day or for 15 min right before you go to sleep well i started with a size of 32A cup now its been 2 mouths and i am a size 34C.

Try to avoid most caffeine-infused products. This would include chocolate.

Rumor has it flax seeds increase breast tissue growth and daily massages for abour 10 to 15 min daily. the massaging promotes blood circulation and along ith the flax seeds. simple stuff taking vitamins drinking milk. a big one is Birth Control. I was on loestrin 24Fe, it made them like a wee bit bigger but i started Kariva (marena) and they are now notticebly bigger usually only on my period though. keep this up for a month or so and update how it worked out also include yogurt =)

Rumor has it flax seeds increase breast tissue growth and daily massages for abour 10 to 15 min daily. the massaging promotes blood circulation and along ith the flax seeds. simple stuff taking vitamins drinking milk. a big one is birth control. I was on loestrin 24Fe, it made them like a wee bit bigger but i started Kariva (marena) and they are now notticebly bigger usually only on my period though. keep this up for a month or so and update how it worked out also include yogurt =)

The only way to get larger breasts without surgery is to add body fat; since some of the fat settles in the breasts, this will make them appear bigger. Breasts also get larger temporarily during pregnancy and childbirth.

Understand that neither of these are ideal solutions: pregnancy is only for when you're ready to have children, and putting on weight can lead to a wide range of health issues. The important thing to remember is that there's no magic pill, cream, or food that will help your breasts grow; it's your DNA that determines their approximate size and shape.

Are you worried about your body image and your small breasts?

Fenugreek is natural and safe way to enhance breasts and increase milk supply in lactating mothers.

Having smaller breasts can be really embarrassing for a woman. So, if you want to have fuller and enhanced breasts. You can also go for inexpensive natural remedies to increase breast size. Chest exercises are one of the effective ways to increase the bust size and food also helps increase the breast tissues growth. You can also massage the breasts with creams to increase the bust size naturally. Here are foods to increase breast size naturally and get the perfect figure.

Hormonal imbalance is one of the common reasons behind having small breasts. Excessive testosterone production in the female body slows down the growth of breasts.

To reduce the production of testosterone, have fresh fruits and vegetables rich in estrogen levels. Whole grains such as barley, brown rice and oats also increase the bust size.

Dairy products such as milk and yogurt are also rich in estrogen. Have dairy products to enhance the breast size.

Green leafy vegetables and food rich in proteins and vitamins improves the growth of breast tissues. Asparagus, beetroot, lettuce, cabbage, cauliflower, legumes, carrots, onion, cucumber and pumpkin are protein rich food to increase the breast size naturally.

Avoid having caffeine, carbonated drinks, salty and junk food. Have plenty of water everyday. Have sesame seeds to increase bust size. Exercise regularly by pushing the breasts against the wall or floor or bed to for breast enlargement..

Have these foods to increase breast size naturally and enhance them to look attractive and feminine!
i have just figured out a way to make them grow (its a work in progress and im not sure if it does work), but i have rubbed coconut body butter (from the bodyshop, so its completely natural, but be careful u could be allergic, im not) and i get a good, healthy dollop and rub it thickly onto my breast, they will feel slimy and moisterised for a while (mine were for like 24 hours without soaking in much) but that's normal, and im alredy seeing results with it, also if it doesnt make them larger don't worry atleast there moisterized.... btw when you are rubbing it in cover the ENTIRE AREA of your breast not just the edges or middle EVERYWHERE, even do the section in between your boobs when more breast will grow ;) good luck xx
Natural curves seem to work for me it is. Made by a biotech company I think this product is excellent for breast enhancement
Think about what you are asking. The way for them to grow naturally is to let them be. Natural and healthy are good.
Type your answer here... im having trouble getting my breasts to grow people always tease me about itbut apparantly if you massage your breasts with seasame oil or something it might help them to grow.Also try eating anything with milk in it.
by getting surgery

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Q: How can you make your breasts grow naturally?
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How can you make your breasts grow faster naturally?

no there is no way for you to increase your breast naturally .

How breasts grow naturally?

breasts grow naturall but the fatter you are the bigger your breasts good luck

What food makes your breasts grow?

There is no particular foods to make your breasts grow. Just eat healthily and regulary. regular anal sex has been proven to help your breasts grow naturally.

What can you do to make your breasts grow bigger during pregnancy?

Just wait for it and it will happen naturally!

Can a man naturally grow breasts?


Is their a way to grow your breasts faster and naturally?

Nothing will make breasts grow. Hormones and DNA determine when you will develop breasts and how small or big they will be. No creams, food, drinks, or pills will do this. The only way is to have breast implants to make a breast larger.

Does feeling breasts make them grow?

No. Feeling of breasts will not make them grow.

Do waffles make your breasts grow?

No, waffles do not make your breasts grow.

How Can you make Breasts bigger naturally?

Squeeze them every night for 15-30 minutes and they'll grow.

Best way for men to naturally grow breasts?

get fat

Will your breasts get bigger if a boy sucks them?

No. Your breasts will continue to grow naturally until you reach the end of puberty.

How can you make your breasts bigger naturally for free?

Are You 21 OR. Older?....If You Arent Then Dont Worry You Still Got To Develop And Grow :)

How do you you make your breasts grow when you're a teenager?

Boobs come naturally, boobs are just fat tissue developing in your chest. Eat and be health and they shall come naturally.

Can your breasts still grow if you use one technique?

There is no technique to grow breasts. The female hormone Oestrogen makes it happen naturally. The size is decided by your genes.

Will taking prestrogen help your breasts grow?

No. Nothing can really make your breasts grow.

How to make breasts bigger naturally?

try massaging them

When you gain weight do your breasts grow?

You Breasts won't grow, but you might grain weight around the tissue of your breasts, this causes your breasts to become over large. Breasts as made mostly of adipose[ fatty tissue ], so naturally overall weight gain will result in larger breasts.

What massage should you use to make breasts grow?

Only surgery can make your breasts bigger. There is nothing you can do to make them grow faster or bigger.

Does butter make your breasts grow?

No it does not.

Does shaving make breasts grow?


Can exercising make your breasts grow?


Can baby oil help to grow breasts?

No. A lot of people think massaging your breasts with oil will make them grow but the truth is nothing makes your breasts grow bigger.

Are there pills to make your breasts grow or get bigger?

No. There are many products being sold that claim to make your breasts bigger, but none of them have been properly scientifically tested and shown to be effective. Breasts enlarge naturally during puberty, during pregnancy, and secondary to pituitary tumors that secrete prolactin.

Do breasts hurt when they get bigger naturally?

When breasts start to grow and until they have stopped growing it can hurt in both nipples and breasts. Nipples get more sensitive but it all passes eventually.

Does body cream make your breasts grow?

No, there is no scientific evidence that body cream makes breasts grow bigger