How can you make your ear feel better?

Well I some times i take ear drops and if you do take eat drops make shure that you read the directions or else you can make your ear even worse another thing that I take sometimes is if its cold than I drink a cup of anything warm that helps my ear and lower jaw so much and I drink some every day so it won't hurt another thing that you can do is go to a doctor and tell them every thing that hurts and if you got the flu shot they just tell you that your body is trying to fight the ear ache and if you do have an ear ache probably your jaw teeth and top part of your throat will hurt cause all that is connected with a tube make sure that you don't stick anything in your ear cause then you can make it even worse I mine nothing like q-tutes or cotton balls cause it can mess up your ear to no matter how bad it hurts don't stick anything in your ear