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You can't make someone love you, but what you can do is things for yourself regarding your own happiness. Start getting out with friends and dating again. If you and your ex are meant to be together then you will be. If a woman (or man) waits around for their ex they are just wasting precious time and the ex may feel very secure in the thought that they can use or abuse that person. Don't be a statistic, and get out there and meet new people. There is someone out there that is really meant for you. Good luck Marcy Bad idea. You can't change his feelings towards you. It's the best thing you can realize. If anything, let him see the best side of you. Don't seek his attention, don't contact him or attempt to hang out with him, don't act jealous, get on with your life. This doesn't mean you can't feel hurt over your breakup, but that you don't let your hopes for a future with him overwhelm your life to the point where you live in the past. Basically, don't live your life for someone else, it's impossible to do without damage to your own emotional health. Time does alter perspective. In a few months, you may notice your feelings for your ex have lessened, or you may have already met someone that is more compatible with you.

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Q: How can you make your ex-boyfriend want you back?
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How do I get back my exboyfriend if he is in another girl's arms?

Tell him you want him back and if he doesn't want you after that then find someone else.

What should ido when you want your exboyfriend back and he cheated on you and you broke up with him and now he want talk to you?

If he won't talk to you, you should leave him alone. He doesn't owe you anything. You can't make someone like you.

How do you get your exboyfriend to like you again?

Just be honest with him & tell him how you feel if you want to get back together.Ask him if he likes you tell him you want to get back together & be patient with him.Or you could just bang him.

What do you do to make your exboyfriend want you back?

Try to have absolutly no contact. get out and enjoy your life and in time you may feel differently towards him. If he has any interest at all, he will seek you out, but, if he has moved on, you will have a fuller life without him.

How do you get my exboyfriend back now eventhough he has an new girlfriend?


How do you talk and act with an exboyfriend on the phone that you havent heard from in one month and you want to get back together with him but don't want to push him away?

Keep things casual and simple.

What does it mean when are constantly thinking of exboyfriend?

It just means that you miss him and want the relationship back. It could also mean that he's thinking of you as well.

How can you get your exboyfriend back he broke up with you because he cheated on you at a party but you still want him back?

It is unfortunate that you were cheated on and then he left you but it may be the best for everyone at this time if you parted ways as it seems he is not ready for a committed relationship.

How can you go back with your exboyfriend?

just do it, if u both want 2 try it again, then u should. there is no harm in going back out with ur ex, just don't be disappointed if it doesn't fully work out.

My exboyfriend says he is dating someone but it is physical only will he come back to me?

Frankly, why would you want him too - he is your ex for a reason and he has been sleeping with others - I would scrap that and move on!!!

If you have a best friend who likes your exboyfriend are you supposed to tell him or get back together with hm?

Telling him is a decision that only you can make. He'll probably find out sometime whether you tell him or not.

How can you tell if your exboyfriend wants you back when you hang out?

Instead of looking for signs how about you be the bigger person and actually ask.

In French how do you say I am going back to my exboyfriend?

je retourne vers mon ex petit ami.

Why exboyfriend smile with you?

your ex may want to stay friends with you. might be wanting to repair the friendship that was once there.

What should I do now that my exboyfriend of 2 years has a new girlfriend and although I don't want him back I feel very lonely?

Go to a bud if you feel lonely. Or look online to find you perfect match.

What do you do if you want your exboyfriend to get back with you but he won't because he gave you to many chances?

Well there is nothing you can do about it in this situation. You could probably try to sweet talk him if you know what I mean to try and get him to give you another chance but he probably won't fall for it.

How do you tell your friend exboyfriend you dont want to get back together?

Be straightforward with him. But make sure you do it face-to-face. It hurts a lot more when you try to do it over the phone. Be honest as best as you can, if you don't have a good reason to get back together, make something up. If that doesn't work, and he still becomes clingy, burn off your fingerprints with corrosive acid, change your hair color, change your name and move to Canada where you can't be traced.

How to get my exboyfriend back?

to get ur ex back is not that simple .but u can do it!! just tell him how u fell thell him how much u love him and if he feels the same away about he will go back out w u..

What do you when your exboyfriend texts you on New Year's Eve and asks if the divorce papers are final and after you text back not yet he's not replying Does he want a relationship or just sex?

He may just want your divorce to be finalize before getting involved but for the time being if you are sleeping together enjoying the benefits.

How do you make him want you back?

You can't. Get over it.

What if you broke up with your boyfriend and realized you want him back and then he doesn't want you back?

you make him want you back girl u know u can get him back because u had him before so just go after him

What are signs that your exboyfriend still likes you?

There is no definite or sign that he may still like you. if you know how he is then and how he acts then it is easier for you to spot. my suggestion is wait it out, not chase him and let him come to you. if you want him back and you're trying to avoid him do the same thing and he'll get the point.

Who is Selena exboyfriend?

Chris Perez

How do you get back together with your exboyfriend when you broke up with him?

Talk to him , tell him that you miss him & you want to work things out . Maybe you were confused when you broke up with him & now you're certain you want to be with him , just let him know & if the feelings are mutual he won't mind making things better again .

Ways to get your ex to want you back?

Make them so jelous that they will be screaming to get you back. And when they say want you back don't be so easy...