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How can you make your farts smell good?

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βˆ™ 2011-04-04 07:25:55

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Well, at first, you fart, then you spray air freshner by it and it catches on fire and then you burn your bum hairs.

2011-04-04 07:25:55
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How can you make farts smell better?

Eat food that smells good.

Why does nugget smell his farts?

because they smell good

Why do farts smell good?

Uhm they dont

Why do my farts smell like cheetoz?

cause it good

Can farts smell good?

no because its ur boady gasses

What foods make your farts smell bad?

That's what she said.

What do elephant farts smell like?

elephant farts smell like cake

Do farts always smell?

No.Sometimes farts are just gas so they do not always smell.

Why do your farts smell eggy?

farts smell eggy because of a build up of methane and sulphur ps NOT EVERYONES FARTS ARE EGGY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mine smell like roses

What do cockroaches smell like?

they smell of farts

Is there a pill that makes farts smell good?

No but there is one that prevents you from having gas.

What is a skunk?

a skunk is an animal that farts and make a huge amount of bad smell.

Why do grapes make your farts smell bad?

Cause u suck man

What do rabbit farts smell like?

rabbit farts smell like a mix of cookies and cupcakes.

What do farts smell of?


Where can you smell farts at?

you can almost always smell farts when thy are seeping out of your butt hole depending on the food you ate

How come farts smell bad?

The reason farts smell bad is that way def people can enjoy them too.

Do girls or boys have stinkier farts?

no both of there farts smell the same

Why do some cans have a plastic lining?

because they make the food not smell otherwise3 it would smell like farts from cameron

What farts supposed to smell bad?

If you eat stuff like bread pudding, stuffing, spices. The more smellier the food is the more likely you're farts will smell bad. Also alot of mushy food like moshy pea's or just general mushy foods can make farts bad. Also junk food can make ur farts smell.if you got a bad fart it means you need a poop

If a guy farts and nobody is around to hear it does it make a smell?

Err yeah- lol!! :)

Why do some farts smell of rotten eggs?

Some farts smell of rotten eggs because they contain Hydrogen Sulphide - which is what gives rotten eggs their smell!

Do koala farts smell like coughdrops?

no they smell worse

Why do silent farts smell so bad?

Because, Silent Farts are Evil.

What does angry smell like?