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you can't ... you can talk to him about how it is hurting you, but the real choice is up to him... if he continues with cheating, let him go, he couldn't love you if he won't stop... also If you will NOT be able to forgive him it's over anyway.

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โˆ™ 2008-12-21 19:13:01
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Q: How can you make your husband stop cheating?
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Can a husband stop cheating?

Yes, but it has to be his decision on stopping.

How can you make your husband stop cheating with a works for him and fire her He refuses to see the light?

If your husband wants her then hewill keep her. Obviously he does. GET OUT NOW!!!!

How do you make a possum in alexmy?

stop cheating

How do you stop cheating on your husband?

Often some Catholic priests have good advice. Ask them.

Myhusbond has nightmares and me having afairs?

Stop cheating on your husband and his might go away.

Why is it that my husband always accuses me of cheating he always threatens me he is going to leave me which happens very often even though im not cheating?

stop cheating on him? - well maybe you are doing something that you are unaware of but your husband senses other things , that leads up too you cheating on him.

How did Elitha and her husband persuade Eliza to move in with them and keep Elitha company?

Stop cheating on the exam

Cockate - A husband with a cheating wife?

No. A husband with a cheating wife is called a cuckold.

Is j-lo cheating on her husband?

yes j lo is cheating on her husband with olly murs

How do you tell your husband that you've been cheating on him with his best friend for the last 10 years and you've been married for 10 years?

You don't; if you love your husband just stop cheating; if you don't love you husband, tell him you don't love him and file for a divorce.

What to do if your husband is cheating?


What if my Husband is cheating on me can i kill him then?


Your husband is bipolar Can he stop cheating?

With the right combination of counseling and meds, yes. But it won't be quick,pretty,or easy.

How can you forgive your husband for cheating on you and he still is doing it after you found out?

You can't. If your husband is STILL cheating on you after you found out, divorce him.

How to get husband who is an over the road truck driver to stop lying and tell the truth about cheating?

tell him how you feel about him cheating and that you know he's doing it, if that doesnt work buy him a block of chocolate. (I always suck up to my husband to get something out of him.)

Is it cheating when your husband meets with a married woman to talk about his marriage and find out later she is attracted to him?

that just means that the lady is cheating on her husband to be with your husband

Is it cheating if you constantly have dreams of your husband cheating on you?

i think you are worrying to much about your husband cheating if you are having dreams. But whatever your dreams, it is not considered cheating, i think you need to trust him more, and relax.

If you husband is cheatin on you?

You haven't finish the question. If your husband is cheating on you then.......

How can to get revenge on a cheating husband without cheating?

tell him he has a small penis

Should I tell the other womans husband she is cheating?

Definitely yes

How do you know if husband is cheating?

ask him

How do you cope with a cheating husband?

get rid of him.

What do you do with a husband who enjoys the company of his two female coworkers at his office place?


How much information should you obtain before you make a purchase?

Stop cheating

I am cheating?