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Of course rhinoplasty is an option too, but I recommend trying makeup first. Even slightest appliance of makeup might make a world of difference to whole face. The technique is simple: Apply straight lines of shadow darker then your skin tone color to the sides of the nose. Apply much brighter color all way down the bridge and blend everything. It is pretty difficult to explain by text, so I added a nice illustrating article (look at related links)

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Q: How can you make your nose smaller?
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How do you make my nose smaller?

spell by witches to make your nose smaller and prettier

How do you make your nose smaller without a nose fix?

nose decrease

How do you make your nose smaller the fastest?

A scalpel. There really isn't anything you can do to make your nose smaller that doesn't involve surgery.

How do you make your nose smaller without surgery or makeup?

You can't make your nose smaller without surgery, but you can make it look smaller. One method is to apply contour color (powder or cream--powder is generally easier to apply) to either side of the nose and under the tip of the nose.

How can you make your bone in your nose smaller temporarily without surgury?

You can't make it actually smaller, but if you brush eyeshadow that is slightly darker than your skin tone, it will make your nose look smaller and straighter.

How do you make your nose smaller?

Make up and plastic surgery.

Is it possible to lose weight from your nose?

No, since your nose is not made of fat, it is made of cartilage and bone. The only way to make your nose smaller or look smaller, is to disguise it with make-up, or get plastic surgery.

I make you nose smaller or bigger who am i?

Michel Jackson

Will ice make your nose smaller?

No just very cold

How can you make your nose smaller with makeup?

add some shadow??

Does picking your nose make it bigger?

no, it gets smaller

How can you make your nose look smaller with makeup?

Take a blemish and put it only on the front of your nose starting from the tip of your nose up to the top of your nose.

Will a nose huggie really make your nose smaller?

It may or may not do. Opinions vary but you could try it

Your nose is big beacasue of the bone on the top of your nose you want to know how to make it smaller with plastic surgery?


How do you make your nose smaller efficiently without cosmetic surgery?


How can you make your nose look smaller?

Cut part of it Off! ~Tersa

Is it possible to make the big nose hole smaller?

Nick makzak

How can you make your nose look smaller without makeup?

plastic surgery

How do you make lips smaller?

You can make lips smaller by means of plastic surgery, but it is very unlikely that this is worth doing. The late Michael Jackson had a series of operations to make his nose smaller and smaller, but it did not do him any good.

Will putting on ice make your nose smaller?

Hi, Ice causes vasoconstriction thus reducing swelling and edema. However, our nose is made up of cartilage and is not affected by ice though it will make the cartilage harder but not smaller. If you want to make the cartilage smaller, firm consistent pressure is necessary, not ice. try googleing "Nose Magic".

If you put a clothes pin on your nose will it become smaller?

It will but if you put it on incorrectly it could make breathing difficult or it could make your nose even bigger

If your nose is not huge but the nostril holes are really big and round is there any way you can make them look or become smaller?

One way is to trim all nose hair with a nose hair trimmer. This way it's less dark inside your nose and more of your skin shows. One way to make the notril holes look smaller you must have make-up done . However, to make them become smaller you must have cosmetic surgery done.

Is there anything that you can do that can eventually make your nose smaller besides having plastic surgery?

I know that in the mall they have places where they can teach you how to apply makeup while appling it on you. They might be able to use some type of makeup to make your nose smaller. Or they can bring out your eyes so that your eyes will be larger and might make your nose seem smaller. Good luck and God Bless:)You can't.

Will losing fat from your face make your nose look smaller?

i need to be lose my fat from my face Not likely, making nose look smaller is feasible only through surgery Unless you smash your nose. Just accept yourself please. And don't smash your nose.

What cream might make your nose smaller?

There are different creams that will help make the nose look smaller. A darker foundation from a persons natural skin tone will help contour the shape of the nose making it appear more narrow. A darker blush will also help achieve this look.