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It depends on why your menstrual cycles are irregular to begin with.

When we talk about irregular cycles we're talking about weeks or months difference from one cycle to the next - up to a weeks variation from your average cycle is normal - and when your menstrual cycle is irregular like that there's a reason that should be investigated and treated by your doctor.

You can help regulate your cycles by staying healthy: eat a healthy balanced diet, exercise regularly, sleep well, avoid stress, maintain healthy weight - it also helps to take daily multi-vitamins and a herbal treatment like chaste tree to help regulate hormones, lunaception can also help.

Hormonal Birth Control DOES NOT regulate menstruation, it actually does completely the opposite - it works by stopping your menstrual cycle so that you don't ovulate, and thus you don't menstruate - the bleeding women experience on hormonal birth control is a withdrawal bleed controlled by the birth control. This will just temporarily cover-up the problem, and can make it worse when you stop.

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Everyone has a different menstrual cycle and there is no real way to make your cycle more regular. However, if you once had a regular one and it began to shift up, it could be due to stress , lack of sleep or improper dieting. I have heard that the birth control pill helps keep your period more regular and expected but of course this doesn't help you get pregnant, and your periods may revert to irregularity when you stop.

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Q: How can you make your periods more regular?
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Will birth control make periods regular?


Is there any connection between using condoms and the regularity of periods since using a condom has led to 36 regular periods but No contraceptives has led to 8 irregular periods?

That sounds more like a coincidence. it should make no difference.

Follicle is not ruptured but periods are regular can you get pregnant?

One can always GET pregnant. You are probably not currently pregnant if you have regular periods.

Can you be pregnant inspite of regular periods?

it is possible. your regular 'periods' could be abnormal bleeding. my advice is to take a test.

Will taking birth control pills make you have regular periods?

You will be on a regular schedule, but the periods you have while on the pill are not actual periods, this is because you never produce an egg while on the pill. The pill simply regulates when your body "clears out" down there so you will bleed on a fairly normal schedule.

What is the transition phase between regular menstrual periods and no periods?


Do you get fewer periods when you are on birth control pills regularly?

yes, the way the pill works is it fools your body into believing you are already pregnant. no, your periods are more regular

Is your body back to normal if you have regular periods after being on the injection?

Yes, if you have not received an injection in 6 months or more and you did not have regular periods while taking the injection. The depo-provera shot suppresses ovulation. Once you begin having regular periods again, then your body should have returned to normal. However, many women still have periods, even when on this type of birth control, so after being off of the injection for several months and once you begin regular periods again, you need to check for ovulation using an ovulation predictor kit, just to make sure. However, realize that it may take as long as 18 months after the last depo-provera shot for periods to return to normal.

Can you get pregnant when your periods are not regular?


You are 20 years girl not getting periods regular suggest tips?

my age is 21 years i am not getting regular periods what should i do?

Could you be pregnant if you took birth control after you got your period and your period since then has been reeally light?

probably not. birth control will make your periods lighter, shorter and more regular.

How can you make your period regular?

I'm no doctor but really you can't make your period regular. All periods are different for all girls. Some girls cramp, some don't, some girls have irregular periods, some don't. Your period is your period and trying to change it probably wont do much.

What can you do for heavy periods?

You can get on the pill to regulate your period. Or you can buy super duper tampons and wait until your body figures it out. Periods tend to get more regular by the time you are in your mid twenties.

Do you have regular periods after tubes tide?

the first cupple periods might be out of wack but yes it will.

The transition phase between regular menstrual periods and no periods at all is known as?


Can weight loss change your period?

Yes, weight loss can cause your periods to stop altogether or make you miss one, or make them irregular, particularly if you are now underweight. If you were previously overweight and are now a healthy weight, your periods may well be more regular and not as heavy or as light as previously because you are now healthier

Is it possible to have two normal periods and be pregnant?

Some women have regular periods all the way through pregnancy. If you are pregnant, see a Dr. immediately to make sure you and baby are "AOK".

Do you have periods if you have endometriosis?

All women are different. Some women with endometriosis will not have regular periods. However, there are also women with endometriosis that either have irregular periods, or even those that have very regular periods. If you think you may have endometriosis, see your OB GYN.

Do womens periods really sync?

Women's periods never sync since some experience regular periods while others experience irregular periods.

Does a regular period mean that you ovulate every month?

maybe. you can have periods and not ovulate and you can ovulate and not have periods.

What term is used to designate the transition phase between regular menstrual periods and no periods?


What are the chances of of a woman getting pregnant if she has irregular periods?

the same as someone who has regular periods. having periods, in general, means that your body can have babies.

Can yeast infections prevent regular periods?

No, you will continue to get your normal period at the regular time it happens. However, it will be slightly more painful around the yeast infection, but make sure you wash it and keep it clean at all times. If it gets any worse though, see a specialist.

What do periods make up?

periods make up eras

Which term describes the transition phase between having regular menstrual periods and no periods at all?