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How can you make your skinny legs thick?


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The best way to get thicker legs is to lift wieghts. You can't just eat alot and pray the fat goes to your legs. If you are skinny all over you may want to do weight training on all your body so you don't look like a freak with big legs. If you are big with skinny legs weight training is the best way to get bigger legs and take some weight off of the rest of your body

Being thick and healthy comes from genes, and good eatin. I'm not saying get fat. But you cant just up, and work youself up to those girls. Expecially being An African American female the majority of us have natural curves,big legs, and big booties; we are blessed with them. So don't try to live up to the women you see on tv, most of them our born that way. The more exercise you do, the more fat you burn, which can make you decrese your curves. (try running, leg curls, leg extentions, and stair master exercises, they shape your bottom) So if you come from a family, and your mom, or her mom, or other women in the family really don't have any curves, or are thick like that. Than most likely, you will not be. So remember its Genetics, and weight, the proportions of your body, and how you are shaped. Not everyone can obtain the same amount of body muscle, so you might only gain a little, or you might gain a lot.

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Road running is by far the best way to make your legs skinny

The magic of skinny jeans, isn't just in the jeans. In order to make your legs look skinny, you have to wear the proper shoes. A pair of converse, vans, toms, Uggs, or flats can be worn to make your legs seem as skinny as you want.

i have skinny legs and i think you shouldn't make em skinny they will loook like chicken legs like mine and ul be made funn of but if u want it smaller do squats it will make muscles in ur legs

all you have to do is exercise

work out on ur legs not only does it make them strong but it makes them skinny

A duck is an animal that has skinny legs and large feet. An ostrich also has skinny legs and feet that look large compared to them. Moose also have skinny legs.

If you eat a lot and stop exercising, yes.

because they make girls look skinny. If girls wore boyfriend jeans, then their legs would look fat. Yet, skinny jeans, are not skinny and wide as boyfriend jeans, which make girls look SKINNY. (Tight jeans are skinny jeans)

well i think girls that are thick are GOOD lookin they have more to LOVE well. I dont think he would like a girl with like Hudge legs. More normal legs.

Coahuiltecans are thick in the chest. They have narrow shoulders. They are usually short. They have oval shaped heads. They have skinny legs making it easy for the to run.

Jeans that are a little too long for you make your legs look longer. Don't over do it though. I find that long dark jeans help, with flats. Try a nice heel with dark skinny jeans and your legs will go on for days. Don't wear capris, they can make you look shorter, and try to stay away from wearing skinny jeans and flats. (although they are extremley skinny gilrs)

I t is so because if they had wobbly or weak legs it won't have had supported their weight.So to help them stand and move strong and thick legs are required.Hence, they have such thick legs.

If you have stockier legs it's best to go with any long boot cut or flare jean. If your short with skinny legs a tight skinny jean will make you look taller

if i was a boy i should work out to get those legs skinny.If i was i girl i would just run about 30 or more min a day to get my legs skinny

soccer legs are legs that are perfect or soccer. not to long not to short, not to meaty and not to skinny

Draw legs, the secret to the jeans is that you "add" a tiny flair at the ankle, and sketch in dark color. But the whole idea is to make legs. If you think about it, skinny jeans ARE just leg coverings and very tight.

if you you have big thighs and have skinny legs in the bottom can you make them bigger

if your skinny and someone calls you that, it could be both good and bad. if they make fun of you by saying that then they are probably jealous of that skinny person.

Honey, you'll look better with bowlegged legs in skinny jeans than with normal legs!

Denim pants with tapered(skinny) legs that fits snug down to the ankles.

avoid flared shorts, stick to short shorts coz than thy will make your legs look bigger even if there not.

Exercise your legs by running more and exercising your feet are the best ways.

whats for dinny?...eggs i get in these legs call up jenny crieg

Because of how they skinny they have skinny legs to keep them very light

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