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You can't, it is protected inside the cervix (neck of the womb) behind a mucus plug. It is extremely dangerous to try. PLEASE!!!! DO NOT attempt to break your water!!! It will break when it's ready or it MUST be done by a professional. Breaking your own water could potentially be fatal for you and the baby. Please talk to your Dr or midwife.

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Q: How can you make your water break?
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Can you make your water break naturally?

Your water will break naturally. To induce it would be to artificially break it.

What can you do to make your water break?

In labor phase, doctor will help you to break the water,

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Why did the doctor break your water?

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How do you make your water break at 38 weeks?

It will breaks itself when the baby is ready, or the doctor will break it in advance stage of labor. don't worry. never try to break it by your self in any way

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You should never attempt to break your own water. If your water doesn't break on it's own during strong contractions, your doctor or nurse is the only one who would determine during labor, to break your water at the hospital.

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