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Making yourself pretty isn't always about making the "outside" look pretty.

When you are a good person (someone who is kind, does the right thing, is understanding, and is easy to talk to) people will think of you as pretty on the outside as well.

Just be yourself.

It also depends on personal taste weather or not someone is pretty.

Some people think tan skin is pretty, some think pale skin is more beautiful.

some like really skinny girls, and some prefer girls a little more curvy etc. Everybody has different taste.

Also, when you look in the mirror think about the good traits you have - I have really good skin, I love my eyes - that sort of thing.

#1 Being pretty, people ask many questions such as, how should I put my makeup on for a date. Things like that. If you think about it. No one in the world is perfect and each person in the world has something very pretty about themselves, legs, eyes, hair, face, etc. So one day just look at yourself in the mirror and say, "Yes I like that about myself." And if anyone ever says something about themselves being "perfect" and boasting about it, just forget it because they must be really "dumb" because everyone knows no one is perfect.

#2 Number two. If you have a good personality and are kind and generous then people will know you as a good and very friendly person then they will suddenly realise you are not only beautiful on the inside but on the outside too! Most girl's self esteem is brought down by other people telling them they aren't good enough, pretty enough, or skinny enough. The key is, don't listen to what other people think, no other opinions about you matter except yours! Be true to yourself and ignore all the rude comments people tell you, remember you control what you think of yourself and what you believe, nobody else.

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How do you make a pretty bookmark?

You decorate it yourself!!!

How do you make yourself look pretty on poptropica?

Don't make yourself look like the other people. Put on something different but not ugly

How can you make yourself bleed10 times on svr 09?

I'm pretty sure you can only make yourself bleed one time per match.

How do i know if I'm pretty?

Everyone is pretty?..I mean...if you feel yourself in what you like to wear,and what you want to do with your hair and make-up!and if it makes you feel pretty then your pretty!you shouldent worry about what other people think,because if you think its pretty then that's all that matters, believe in yourself and then your pretty, your pretty if you believe you are;)

How do you express oneself?

think the way you would, and everything you do, make it how you would. that's pretty much what expressing yourself is, being yourself.

How can you make yourself prettier?

It all depends. If you are trying to make yourself prettier to impress someone, you simply want to show them that you are respectful, kind and pretty on the INSIDE. The first person you should want to please is yourself.

What if he thinks that you are pretty and you dont what should you do to make yourself think that and what if you do think that your pretty but some one else thinks that you are ugly?

I can barely understand this question. But just give yourself some credit. You probably are pretty. so you must be if people think it.

Te pasate pero como guiera te ves lindo?

its pasa te not pasate, the literal translation would make no sense. The closest I could approxmate it is. You don't realise that you are pretty or why do you belittle yourself when you are pretty. Depends on what context it was being used. litereral is Its passes you, you are at war to make yourself pretty.

How can you make new friends on the first day of school in fifth grade?

by being yourself but make sure you look pretty :) <3

What it pretty?

What it takes is to be yourself and to feel pretty. If you don't feel pretty then your not one. Leslie is Pretty

How do you attract a guy and make him like you but your not fitted but pretty?

you cant you have to just be yourself and hope if hes right for you it will happen

How do you make yourself pretty if your ugly?

Ugly is just a word for the physical beauty. It is no measure how the person is beautiful from the inside.

How do you make someone you like like you?

You just be yourself then the person will find your personality and start to like you. Its pretty simple.

Why do you alwys have to look pretty?

no... shouldn't you feel pretty inside yourself

What is an example of an organism that can reproduce asexually an amoeba or a mouse?

The answer would be an amoeba, for reproducting asexually means to pretty much split yourself in half and make two versions of yourself.

How important is copyright?

It depends on your relationship with it. If copyright is the way you make money to feed yourself, it's pretty darn important.

How do you make yourself be pretty for other girls to be jealous?

If you want to look pretty do it for yourself for self confidence and not be immature about making other girls jealous of you. It is just not about being pretty, but being kind; a good friend to others and a reasonable personality. Looks fade fast so you'd better have a good personality.

Is style savvy trendsetters a good game?

yes, because you can make pretty outfits with ease. make your own room and closet. plus you can design yourself!

How do you make a pretty costume for Halloween?

get fabric. Then think about what you wanna make. once you know you draw a picture of it and measure yourself. then sew it and make sure it is to your liking. (or just buy one)

How do you become a site model?

Just start taking pics of yourself and make blogs. If you are funny and pretty or so, then it'll work.

What does a high school basketball referee make per game?

50 dollars game pretty good but your getting a workout yourself

What if your ugly and you want to be pretty?

well, be yourself and dont force yourself to go beyond and already start doing stuff you are not comfortable yet even if your not pretty on the outside(the think everyone is very very pretty :) ) you can always be pretty in the inside and that what makes a person very bright and pretty

How do you get a girl as a kid?

Try to make her notice you and pretty be yourself wih her. Also, try to be her friend and when the right time comes tell her your feelings about her.

How do you make a guy like you cause that be yourself crap doesn't work?

Look im telling you to be yourself!!! Even though that guy you like doesnt like you, just be yourself everywhere and pretty soon you will find a guy that likes you for who you are and you can be more comfortable with them.

How do you make yourself believe anything?

to make yourself belive in something you have to belive in yourself.